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Giants Opening Day Roster

Ben Hendricks
The Major League Baseball season is finally here after debates, negotiations and postponements. Each team will have 30-man rosters to start the new season. Here...

Player-Managers in Baseball Re-Imagined: NL West

David Clark
Baseball player-managers have become myths, totally extinct in today’s game. Still, in the early 1900s major league players often doubled as managers for their clubs...
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1 Batter From Each Position Exceeding Expectations this Season

Tommy Trojanowicz
Every year, there are usually players that succeed expectations in baseball whether it’s a pitcher or batter. Some are notable, and others quietly build themselves...
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Fantasy Baseball Buy Low Sell High May 30

Connor Thomure
Fantasy baseball trades are hard. The season is long, players are hot and cold, some injured. The players below are highlighted due to their current...
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Have the Giants done enough to reach the postseason?

Andrew Tankersley
The San Francisco Giants finished 2017 with an abysmal 64-98 record, which tied with the Detroit Tigers for the worst record in all of baseball....
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Remembering baseball’s best night ever: Game 162

Andrew Tankersley
It is times like this when the average fan will look back and remember some great moments in baseball history. The hot stove is rather...
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Domingo Santana fantasy: By the numbers

Avery Seltzer
Domingo Santana broke out in 2017, finishing as a top-20 outfielder in standard ESPN fantasy baseball leagues, ahead of players like Cody Bellinger, Christian Yelich,...