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PCS Asia 4 Korean Team Preview: Will The Korean Kings Claim The Crown Of Asia?

Ahead of PCS Asia 4, it is time for the team previews. Instead of doing all the teams in one lump sum, they are getting...

The Third Round: PCS: Asia Three – Korean Qualifier Preview

Christian Wisniewski
PCS: Asia Three is just around the corner, which means it is Korean Qualifier preview time. The Korean PUBG scene is about to go through...

Will New Teams Rise? PCS: Asia Two Korean Qualifier Preview

Much like The Undertaker, Korean PUBG is returning with a vengeance. After the Chinese team Infantry Clan won PCS: Asia One, the Korean teams are...
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The Final Countdown: PCS: Asia One Korean Qualifier Finals Preview

Christian Wisniewski
Korean PUBG is the best region in PUBG esports. It holds the two-time world champions in GEN.G, the best player in the world in Pio,...