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What Game Would Each Overwatch Hero Play In Quarantine? (Projectile)

Jordy Garcia
As Overwatch’s hero pool expands with the game’s periodic updates, it gets much harder every hero release to define each hero as Projectile or Hit-scan....

Why Now is the Perfect Time for Overwatch to go Free to Play

Robert Hanes
Many people have been wanting Overwatch to go Free to Play for a long time. The game has been out for almost five years now...

Echo’s Ultimate Allows Players to Transform into Other Overwatch Heroes

Connor Knudsen
Overwatch’s 32nd hero has been revealed today as Echo, however, there were a few surprises in her reveal. Chief among them are her role as...

What Are Echo’s Abilities?

Mallory McMahon
Today, on stream, fans got a first look at Hero 32, Echo. Her kit was also revealed, showing some interesting tactics and intense gameplay that...