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Potential Landing Spots for Rascal

Matthew Kennedy
In an unexpected (perhaps “shocking”) move, San Francisco announced that they were parting ways with Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim on October 26. Coming after another championship...
Overwatch Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty: The Perfect Storm

What is being a fan other than having blind faith in any match up? The words ‘underdogs’ or ‘favored to win’ create a narrative for...
Esports Overwatch Philadelphia Fusion Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Destroys Philadelphia in Semifinal

Leonard Ufer
This thursday the Shanghai Dragons and the Philadelphia Fusion battled for the second spot in the Winner´s Final that will be played on Friday. Many...
Overwatch Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Clinches APAC´s First Seed to Grand Finals

Leonard Ufer
In a nail-biting five map series, the Shanghai Dragons were able to fend off the Seoul Dynasty and clinched the first Seed to the Overwatch...
Call of Duty

Potential Story Lines Ahead of Call of Duty Championship 2020

Daniel Schwartz
Call of Duty Championship 2020 is just around the corner. This is the biggest event in Call of Duty history. A whopping $4.6 million in...
Overwatch San Francisco Shock

Twilight Signed to the San Francisco Shock

Matthew Kennedy
Earlier in the day, the Shock said their good-byes to Min-ho “Architect” Park. But not even three hours later there was a new announcement on...

San Francisco Shock’s Grand Finals Skin Revealed

Matthew Kennedy
The San Francisco Shock and the Overwatch League Twitter accounts posted the new Shock-themed skin to commemorate their championship run. The skin, titled ‘Thunder’ is...
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