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Teamfight Tactics

Best Items for Gnar in TFT

Connor Knudsen
Gnar is unique in that he is both among the most powerful Shapeshifters as well as being one of the most powerful Yordles in TFT....
Teamfight Tactics

Best TFT Items for Vi

Robert Hanes
Vi is a Hextech and Brawler champion in Teamfight Tactics. She is a three cost champ whose ultimate targets the champion furthest away, knocking aside...
Esports Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Volibear and Brawlers 101

Zak Almughrabi
Volibear has recently been terrorizing Teamfight Tactics, and it’s clear as to why. He has massive AOE on-hit procs, insane amounts of tankiness and a...
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