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NFL New Head Coaching Hires: Word Association Part 2

Dylan Streibig
Take a look at part one of the NFL new head coaches word association series here. Now, it is time for part two. Matt LaFleur
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Who Should be Drafted First Between Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray?

Max Rayman
With Kyler Murray announcing earlier today that he was choosing the NFL over playing baseball, the question is: Should Quarterback needy teams draft him before
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Looking at the 2019 QB Market: Part 2

Pranay Malempati
The 2018 NFL season has ended and the Patriots are Super Bowl champions. It is time for every NFL team to think about the offseason
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NFL: Week 17 Picks Against the Spread

Dylan Streibig
Well, The Game Haus is one non-disastrous week away from finishing the NFL regular season in the black against the spread. After an 8-7-1 mark
The Game Haus