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League of Legends

LoL Esports Flash Forward: 2022 Is The Most Storyline Rich Year Yet (Part Two)

Christian Wisniewski
As the regional leagues prepare to start the 2022 League of Legends esports year, it is time to look ahead. What major team-based storylines will...
League of Legends

LPL 2022 Spring Power Rankings Part 2

JJ Fonseca
With the return of the LPL being just around the corner, fans are more than ready for the league to return. The current World Champions...
League of Legends

EDG are the LPL 2021 Summer Split Champions

JJ Fonseca
EDG have defeated FPX 3:1 to become the Summer Split champions. They have returned to the top of the LPL after years of falling to...
League of Legends

LPL 2021 Summer Split Finals Preview

JJ Fonseca
The final match of the LPL’s 2021 season is nearly here. The entire season all comes down to this. EDG and FunPlus Phoenix will face...
League of Legends

The Worlds Skins for FunPlus Phoenix Have Been Revealed

Robert Hanes
The FunPlus Phoenix Worlds skins are here and they look incredible. Riot Games have been doing these specialized skins for the winner of Worlds since...
League of Legends

OP-5 Coming into Worlds Semifinals

Thomas Baker
The 2019 League of Legends World Championship moves into its semifinal phase, with G2 facing SK Telecom T1 and Invictus Gaming taking on Funplus Phoenix....
Esports League of Legends

League of Legends: Four LPL Teams To Watch

Taylor Damaschi
“I think all LPL teams are very strong right now. From our scrims we feel like they are all very strong. There aren’t any weak...