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League of Legends

Biggest LCK Offseason News from Day 1 of Free Agency

Rui Yang Xu
With the first official day of the League of Legends free agency came a lot of huge changes to teams around the world. This would...
Dota 2

Valve Consider Making You Pay For Ranked Games

Matt Mead
Valve is always working to crack down on trolls and cheats in Dota 2. With that in mind, they outlined their plans to punish these...
Columns Esports League of Legends

League of Legneds: 2019 Rosters Confirmed for Team Liquid, Misfits, Hanwha, 100 Thieves, and SKT

Thomas Baker
The League of Legends offseason has really started to pick up steam, as the first organizations around the world begin official roster announcements. Ahead of...
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