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100 Thieves League of Legends

Zikz on Coaching through COVID-19: “When you’re actually scrimming, you don’t get to see the people face to face, so you get less of a read exactly on how people are feeling, and how focused people are”

Thomas Baker
Zikz, Head Coach of 100 Thieves, gave TheGameHaus some insight into the end of Spring Split, team cohesion, coaching through COVID-19, and working with PapaSmithy....
Call of Duty Esports

FaZe Continue Their Search and Destroy Dominance

Cailey Ives
Search and Destroy is an integral part of competitive Call of Duty. The game mode appears twice in a Best of Five series, first in...
Educational Esports Fortnite

Fortnite: How to Communicate Effectively

Nicholas Rivera
In any team-based shooter game, communication is important. All players do it, but not enough do it well. Any gamer can call out where a...
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