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Does London Spitfire’s inconsistency make the league more interesting?

London Spitfire likes to keep the league interesting. Spitfire are easily the second best team in the Overwatch League. With an impressive 15-7 league score so far and a +30 map differential it’s impossible to deny they are among the best. However they are not perfect by any means. They have three more losses then their rivals New York Excelsior, and they have now lost three matches in a row. They lost to rising stars Philadelphia Fusion, then long time road block Houston Outlaws, and then their aforementioned rivals, NYXL.

London are one of the most dominant teams, but they struggle in odd match ups and often lose to opponents considered much worse then them. But admittedly, their inconsistencies have made them a very interesting team to watch. NYXL looks amazing with flashy plays by Park “Saebeyolbe” Jong-ryeol and Kim “Pine” Do-hyeon, but if you’re anything like me, seeing them win every day is a bit…boring. But a team like Spitfire, well anything can happen.

London Spitfire

London’s abysmal start to stage 3 places them with the bottom two teams in the League. Courtesy of the Overwatch League website

Losses against lower teams

It sounds weird praising a team for their losses, but this does make the whole league a bit more interesting to watch. They lost to two teams I would argue they should’ve easily won. That was Boston Uprising and Los Angeles Gladiators. Now since then both have proven themselves as forces to be reckoned with, but neither team has even managed to make it to stage finals before. The Boston match was a heart pounding 2-3 loss for London. It was an amazing game that lead to their first loss. At that point we thought the three Korean teams were going to dominate the league. London vs Boston was the first sign that wasn’t going to happen.

And when they lost to the Los Angeles Gladiators, they lost by a bit of a margin, 1-3. But it again really fit a story line of Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung claiming victory over his old comrades. In both scenarios, although disappointing for London fans, was actually incredibly hype to see them lose, and totally went against what everyone was expecting.

Roadblock with Houston Outlaws

At this point it’s fair to say that London have a problem with Houston. Maybe it’s that Houston is known as a great anti-dive team. Maybe it’s because all four times they have played Houston it was the same week that they play New York. Or maybe there really is just a mental road block at this point. No matter what it is, if you’re just looking at the regular season they are 0-3 against Houston. Now why is this interesting? Story lines. People like a good story, and a dominant tyrant brought down by a somewhat mediocre (at this point) team is exciting. On top of that once they do win, it’ll be even more exciting since we won’t be expecting it. It was super exciting when they tasted revenge beating Houston 3-1 in the Stage 1 finals. Next win will be just as satisfying as well…if they win.


The most interesting rivalry in the league

New York Excelsior is the final boss of Overwatch. With an immaculate 20-2 record and a staggering +54 map differential, they are the top dogs. At this point there aren’t many teams who really put up much of a fight towards NYXL. Heck, only two teams in the entire league have ever actually won against them. Those being Philadelphia Fusion, and of course, London Spitfire. The Spitfire are actually the only team to win twice. Once in the Stage 1 finals and a second time in Stage 2. Unfortunately after a pretty one sided loss against NYXL, they are now 2-2 on sets. Like I said, NYXL always winning does get boring, but as long as London is around, they will never sit too comfortably a the top; if they slip up even a little, London will be looking for blood.


Why is this good for the league?

People like to see change; if you watched the same episode of the same show every day it would get boring. Watching the same three teams win day in day out is exhausting and uninteresting. That’s why a team like London is good for the league. Keep it exciting, keep the fans on their toes. There’s a reason in Football no one wants the Patriots to win, they always win. No one wants to see the same result everyday. So London both being the only team to go toe to toe with NYXL while also being a team that any team can strive to beat keeps the league a bit more balanced.


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NYXL vs London Spitfire: London wins again

London Spitfire had a lot to prove moving into Stage 2 of the Overwatch League. They were the returning champions of Stage 1, but a disappointing 3rd place finish in the regular league lead many fans to be skeptical of their skill. Many still believed NYXL to be the top dog of the league. Their return to the main stage after a week off began with a disappointing loss against Houston Outlaws. Their next match was the aforementioned NYXL, who they had both defeated and lost to last week. So the title of greatest team in the league was riding on the results of NYXL vs London Spitfire.

NYXL vs London Spitfire

London wins the first map decisively with a full hold on Volskaya Industries, but they let their lead slip with back to back wins by New York. Control point has always been known as both a week point for London and a strength for New York. This held true as London falls 0-2 on Lijiang Tower. On the Hybrid Map “King’s Row” NYXL stop London from capturing the second point. Spitfire bring it back capping all three points of Watchpoint: Gibraltar with over two minutes to spare, and deny New York of even finishing the map. This pushes them to a tie breaker, landing them on another control point, Ilios, a map New York player Kim “Pine” Do-hyeon dominates. However New York was unable to bring their A-game to Ilios and they went down 2-0 finishing of the series at 3-2 London.



These two teams are the titans of the Overwatch League. With Seoul falling behind at the end of stage 1, London and New York are the teams everyone is watching. Both teams have full South Korean rosters, and are undoubtedly the two best teams in the league. London has faltered a few times, losing to both Boston Uprising and twice to Houston Outlaws. New York however have proven they are dominant in the league losing only to Philadelphia Fusion prior to today (excluding stage 1 playoff matches). Going in New York were already at a disadvantage with their main support player Yeoon-joon “Ark” Hong rendered unable to play due to a wrist injury, so tank player Dong-gyu “Mano” Kim filled in the role.


London Spitfire and New York Excelsior after the match. Courtesy of Twitch and Blizzard Entertainment

Today all eyes were on the Widowmaker duel between Ji-hyuk “Birdring” Kim for London and Pine for New York. Many of the team fights are decided by which of these two players are able to land their head shots. Birdring barely edged out Pine, leading his team to victory. Of course the rest of London’s amazing line-up is also to thank for this, including Jae-hee “Gesture” Hong’s phenomenal Winston play and Joon-yeong “Profit” Park’s stellar performance including an unbelievable 1v4 scenario at the end of round 2 Ilios.

Unfortunately for us, this is the last time these two teams are scheduled to face off until April. Unless they meet in the stage 2 title matches (which is very likely). Who is the better team, NYXL or London Spitfire?

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