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MLB Sports

Milwaukee and Houston sweep their way to respective League Championship Series

Max Rayman
The Milwaukee Brewers and Houston Astros made quick work off their opponents, as they swept their way into their respective League Championship Series. Both teams

MLB: Who should win the National League awards?

Manuel Finale
Another regular season is in the books. Like every other year, there is coveted hardware to claim. Both the American and National Leagues hold awards
MLB Sports

Regular season conclusion

Manuel Finale
Less than 10 days remain in the 2018 regular season. Already some teams have stamped their ticket to October, as well as taking their division
MLB Sports

Reds in Milwaukee one last time

Zac Stone
Bye Bye Brewers For the final time of 2018, the Cincinnati Reds faced off against the Milwaukee Brewers. In the three-game series, there were some
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