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How Patch 11.6 Should Affect the LPL

JJ Fonseca
Patch 11.6 has recently hit the rift, and it brought many changes along with it. It is important to note that this will most likely...
Team Liquid

Analyzing Team Liquid’s Draft: Preferences, Priorities and Patterns

Thomas Baker
Team Liquid’s LCS team sits tied for fourth place after four weeks of Spring Split matches. Their 7-5 record pales in comparison to TL’s Lock...
League of Legends Team Liquid

Recapping Team Liquid’s Spring Split and Forecasting the Rest

Thomas Baker
Team Liquid’s LCS team has shown some of the most dominant wins and some of the most confusing losses in the league this year. Spring...
League of Legends

How Patch 11.4 Should Affect the LPL

JJ Fonseca
While League of Legends’ Patch 11.4 was released to the public last week, it won’t come into pro play for another while. Today’s article will...
Cloud9 League of Legends

How Cloud9 Made Camille Look Useless in the First Week of the LCS

Bryan Rockwood
In the early LCS season, Camille has been a complete menace in the top lane. She often slips through the ban phase thanks to other...
League of Legends Team SoloMid

Previewing and Predicting TSM vs C9: A Hopeful Redemption?

Robert Hanes
Good thing the first games of Splits are not normally indicative of the whole season, right? TSM had one of the best early game macros...
Teamfight Tactics

List of Champions Who Have Never Been in TFT

Robert Hanes
Teamfight Tactics has been out for over a year now and is in its fourth set. During this time many champions from League of Legends...
League of Legends

Introducing the LPL Top Laners of Worlds 2020

JJ Fonseca
As teams are locking in the final spots at Worlds, the main League of Legends event of the year is around the corner. With Worlds...
100 Thieves Cloud9 League of Legends

How 100T beat C9 in Week 5: Draft, Early Game, and Closing Analysis

Thomas Baker
Cloud9 have looked unstoppable in North America this year. They have become the most dominant LCS team of all time. That is, until 100 Thieves...
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