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New ‘Bounty Hunter’ Brawl in the 2021 Lunar New Year Event

Matthew Kennedy
The Lunar New Year event is back, and with it come a few familiar game modes. But there is also one strikingly new one in...
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Dota 2: Is Counterpicking a Waste of Time?

Matt Mead
Counterpicking in Dota 2 is the process of selecting a hero that typically performs well against, or counters the abilities of, an enemy hero. We...
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The Winners and Losers – 7.02 Patch Notes Analysis

Joe Millbank
As expected, Icefrog has released the 7.02 patch for Dota 2. The patch is a small balancing update that focuses mainly on buffing and nerfing...
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Sunday Hero Spotlight – Gondar the Bounty Hunter

Joe Millbank
Welcome to the second Sunday Hero Spotlight. This week we will be taking a look at Gondar the Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunter has the potential...