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New ‘Bounty Hunter’ Brawl in the 2021 Lunar New Year Event

Matthew Kennedy
The Lunar New Year event is back, and with it come a few familiar game modes. But there is also one strikingly new one in...
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Dota 2: Is Counterpicking a Waste of Time?

Matt Mead
Counterpicking in Dota 2 is the process of selecting a hero that typically performs well against, or counters the abilities of, an enemy hero. We...
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The Winners and Losers – 7.02 Patch Notes Analysis

Joe Millbank
As expected, Icefrog has released the 7.02 patch for Dota 2. The patch is a small balancing update that focuses mainly on buffing and nerfing...
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Sunday Hero Spotlight – Gondar the Bounty Hunter

Joe Millbank
Welcome to the second Sunday Hero Spotlight. This week we will be taking a look at Gondar the Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunter has the potential...
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Dota 6.88

The Game Haus Staff
The small, frequent balance updates keep coming, which is quite the pleasant surprise compared to what we were used to. This patch consists mainly of...