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Teamfight Tactics

Which Champions from Set 1 Could Come Back in Set 2?

Robert Hanes
With Lucian coming back and Leona on her way, it seems that some champions that were in Set 1 could potentially work in Set 2....
League of Legends

Divergent Champion Presence Between Groups During Phase One

Thomas Baker
The 2019 League of Legends World Championship Group Stage has moved into phase two, and teams are making adaptations. They are still figuring out the...
Teamfight Tactics

TFT Releases 9.19 Patch Notes: Kai’Sa, Sparring Gloves, and More

Connor Knudsen
TFT has finally unveiled one of it’s biggest patches yet in Patch 9.19. While it has already been known for some time that the Void...
Esports Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Volibear and Brawlers 101

Zak Almughrabi
Volibear has recently been terrorizing Teamfight Tactics, and it’s clear as to why. He has massive AOE on-hit procs, insane amounts of tankiness and a...
Esports Hanes World League of Legends

Thanksgiving Free Agents: League of Legends Edition

Robert Hanes
League of Legends is having their first major free agency period since the start of franchising in North America. As with traditional sports, free agency...
Columns Esports League of Legends Sports

Trending in the EU LCS: Week 5

Thomas Baker
Keeping up with the EU LCS can be difficult at times. There is a ton of information to balance within one’s head. Some people prefer...
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