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Teamfight Tactics

Top 3 Predictions For the New TFT: Galaxies Patch 10.7

Warren Younger
With the wild first patch of TFT: Galaxies out of the way, players actually won’t be able to catch a break. Patch 10.7 brings plenty...
Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics: How Keane Pilots his Rank 1 Composition

Zak Almughrabi
Anyone who has been paying attention to the TFT Challenger ladder knows that Keane consistently has 2 accounts in the top 10 and hits Rank...
Esports Teamfight Tactics

Best Early, Mid and Late Game Champions in Team Fight Tactics

Connor Knudsen
In Team Fight Tactics, often the key to winning is to properly balance adapting to the late-game and getting level three champions from the early...
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