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Super Smash Brothers

When does the next Super Smash Bros Character Come Out?

Next Super Smash Bros Character

Recently Super Smash Brothers fans were treated to Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles joining the fighting game. These were one or maybe even two characters that fans had not entirely expected. It was interesting because while Nintendo listens to fans, it felt like Shulk might be the only character to come from this series. Similar to the addition of Sephiroth, Pyra and Mythra bring about a whole new slew of characters that could join in Fighter Pass Volume 2 as a lot of games outside of Nintendo could come in. While discussing who could be next is a topic of conversation deserving of its own piece, this one looks at when the next Super Smash Bros Character could join the fray.

Previous Release Dates

Like many different businesses, video games and their release dates for content new or additional have been changed due to COVID-19. So, when looking for the next release date and looking at specifically the previous fighter releases, it may not give an exact indication. That is because it seemed like they had a nice schedule going but things have clearly changed. Take a look below.

Fighter Pass Volume 1
Fighter Pass Volume 2

With the first fighter pass and generally the DLC releases in general (Piranha Plant was not a part of the Fighter Passes), it looks like there was about a two-month gap between each fighter. Then after the release of Byleth, there was almost a five-month gap and another four months between Min Min and Steve.

While this may seem random, there could be the possibility that the delay for Min Min was intentionally five months due to it being the first of the new pass. Then Steve is the first of releasing a new fighter every four months instead of the previous two. That would draw this pass out and allow them more time before people can even expect anything near a new game.

The Next Release Date

With the data gathered above as the biggest point of reference, there are a few options for the next Super Smash Brothers fighter. This is purely speculation and as more data is revealed, this piece will be updated.

Option 1

The first option is that they go back to two-month releases which means that the next fighter could come as soon as the middle of May, 2021. With Pyra and Mythra coming out in March, it is possible that Fighter 81 could be here as soon as the third or fourth week of May. This would definitely not be a bad time.

Option 2

The second option would be three-four months. Again, this was the time between Min Min and Steve as well as Sephiroth and Pyra and Mythra. It would make sense and help this battle pass last a full two years. Nintendo could extend the lifetime of this game significantly and keep those asking for another new game at bay. At the least, it would give them time to prepare for a third Fighter Pass, should they decide to do another one.

That would mean that fans would be able to expect Fighter 81 sometime around June or July of 2021. Not necessarily the option fans will want most, but again it feels the most likely.

This was the most recent option taken. It was also the option that Nintendo used most during the first fighter pass.

Option 3

The final option. Possibly the best or the worst of all the options. This one is the random release date option. With COVID continuing to be a thorn in the side of businesses, things have been thrown off. When looking at the five and then four-month release windows for the most recent fighters, this one is very possible as well.

With that said, a new fighter could come sooner than the other options which would surely be welcomed by most fans. The other option is one that is longer than either option. This would not be entirely surprising as well and definitely would not be the preferable option for fans.


Whichever way Nintendo goes, they are normally good about not letting out leaks. That said, if there happen to be any keep it here at The Game Haus to stay up to date on all things Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and the next Super Smash Bros Character.

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