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What is Sora Moveset in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Sora Smash Moveset

During the latest Nintendo Direct, Sora from Kingdom was revealed to be the new character to join the Super Smash Brothers roster. There were many wondering why Sora will be the first Kingdom Hearts character to join the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster? Now fans may be wonder what the Sora moveset is for Super Smash Brother Ultimate?

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The Sora moveset was revealed along with the new fighter. Here is a look at as many of their moves as could be grabbed from what was shown. These will be in picture form and then updated once more information is known.

Sora Moves 1
Sora Moves 2
Sora Moves 3
Sora Moves 4
Sora Moves 5
Sora Moves 6
Sora Smash Moveset
Sora Moves 7
Sora Smash Moveset
Sora Moves 8
Sora Smash Moveset
Sora Moves 9
Sora Smash Moveset
Sora Moves 10

There is no doubt that some fans will be a little upset that Sora was added, but he was one of the most asked-for additions ever. With Sora being the last Smash fighter it will be interesting to see how his moves make him competitively viable or not. Expect to see people trying to figure him out on day one of his release into Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

If one does not have the second Fighter Pass, they are missing out on Min-Min from Arms, Steve from Minecraft, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy, Pyra and Mythra and Kazuya. They can grab this fighter pass and get the next six new fighters including the five previously mentioned and Sora.

For more information on the Sora Moveset for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, keep it here at The Game Haus.

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