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Super Smash Brothers

The Next Super Smash Brother DLC Character Is Steve

In what was a surprising announcement, for good or bad reasons, the next Super Smash Brothers Ultimate DLC Character was announced. The new character is Steve. It will be interesting to see what the fans think as there were many who were still hoping for someone like Waluigi.

The new fighter comes from Minecraft and has been a character many have anticipated possibly coming to the game for quite a while. He was shown in both his normal form as well as in a female form and zombie. He uses his different weapons in the game as well as things like his TNT. He still looks like he does in Minecraft as well, which is a stark contrast to most of the other fighter models as they are normally more like most of the other characters.

The first new character on the second Fighter Pass was Min Min from ARMS. This was not a huge shocker in terms of everyone expected an ARMS character would likely make it into the game eventually. While Steve was a character that many thought might make it into the game, it was still a surprise to many. This may be the most out of the box character Smash has ever added and it will be interesting to see who else gets added. With this door being opened, there are numerous possibilities.

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