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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Why Poor Execution Leads to Losses

Execution in smash ultimate

Everyone’s been in a situation where a missed combo ruins their chances of winning. Game 3, even stocks and that one misplay allows the opponent to run away with it. These scenarios make or break sets. Strong players’ mentalities can take a hit. All due to the disappointment that floods in while shaking the opponent’s hand. There are many gears that engrain a level of skill. In this grand scheme, execution is an important piece of the puzzle. There are ways to refine a player’s execution. Applying this isn’t a magic pill, though. Instead, it establishes a base built by hard, unadulterated work.

Routinely Practice

Practicing in Training Mode doesn’t give a thrilling experience, but the payout is massive. With enough practice, a player’s execution improves, as does their understanding of when and when not to execute certain moves in different situations. With all this taken into account, there are no immediate results due to how high-pressure scenarios boost the difficulty of execution. Yet with enough experience, players can grow past that wall. It’s all a matter of commitment and a matter of how much a player wants to win.

There are many important techniques that should factor in a player’s training schedule, some more important than others. Most of them need constant practice to cement themselves within the player’s typical gameplay. But put together, they level up any competitor searching for a boost in skill. Now, here is a list of important techniques that should be practiced.

Execution in smash ultimate
Marth needs perfect spacing in order to capitalize off his tipper mechanic. A few pixels decide if an attack secures the stock. Image: Nintendo

This technique is basic on paper. It is to move a minimal amount of space while throwing out a move. If used properly, this technique makes punishing aerials harder, leading to the opponent having a harder time finding an opening. When spectating top players, this is an area where they specifically excel. It’s all about avoiding unnecessary punishes.

To practice this, a player needs to hop into training mode and move a tiny amount of space while throwing out an aerial. Maximizing consistency requires repetition with every aerial.


It’s important to consistently execute combos. When dropping a combo, a player gives away possibilities where they can capitalize. It makes it so that there’s a need for making up for the mistake. Consequently, giving the opponent a bigger chance to retaliate.

Jab Locking

When an opponent misses a tech, there’s a key punish window where two jabs lock an opponent to a neutral getup. This allows players to use a smash attack or set up for a possible kill confirm. To practice it, just knock a CPU down and try jabbing before it can get up. When practiced, the timing becomes apparent and its application becomes more consistent.

Ledge Trumping
Execution in smash ultimate
Palutena’s Teleport allows her to maneuver effectively around stages with platforms while using her Teleport canceling. Image: Fanbyte

Players that excel at ledge trapping extend the time they are in advantage state. Ledge trumping brings an extra option to punish opponents. In the current metagame, this technique is rarely seen. Compared to its Smash 4 counterpart, it is heavily nerfed. However, it still has optimal applications in the game. Through it, players get another option of securing stocks while mixing up their options.

Character Specific Tech

A lot of characters have specific techniques. These vary in levels of difficulty, but achieving consistency in their application should be a priority. As an example, Joker has the “Gun dash”. This technique works by using neutral B while short-hopping and quickly pressing left or right. Another great technique in this category is teleport canceling. This is a tech that allows teleports to cancel with ledges or platforms. Characters like Palutena and Mewtwo tend to take great advantage out of it.

It Changes Everything

Being consistent comes with many perks. It brings a presence that tells others they can’t mess up. When paired with solid reads, it guarantees results. To achieve this, players need a regular training regiment while consistently assisting tournaments. It’s a long journey, but in the end, it’s more than worth it. When mastered, all techniques listed here make sure the player is at least a bit better.



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