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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Tweek and MkLeo’s Rise to the Top

Tweek and MKLeo

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is moving forward with the community. As Momocon and Combo Breaker end, it’s time to reflect on the past few months. Since release, 37 majors have allowed the community to have some idea of the metagame. Through this time, some players found ways to shine more than others, consequently solidifying themselves as top players within the community.

However, unlike previously seen, two players are making a field day out of the competition. They don’t hold a reign of dominance, but their consistency grants them some hard-earned respect. It isn’t easy being consistent in this game, as many factors are going against the player when they sit down for a set. However, Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey and Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez certainly possess the key to achieving greatness in Ultimate.

Looking at both Tweek and MkLeo, they each have won five different majors. Not only that, but their character diversity from tournament to tournament gives them a considerable level of flexibility.


MkLeo’s picture as champion of Momocon 2019 – Image: MKLeo

Back in Smash Factor 5, MkLeo made his debut, all through a glimpse of greatness caught by Ramin “Mr. R” Delshad.  MkLeo caught Mr. R. in a lethal up air streak that leads to a fatal up special that reset the bracket, only dropping one game against a top caliber player. With this, all eyes were set on him. Out of nowhere, he appeared with a lot of promise, and boy, has he delivered.

Many people thought that what MkLeo did was just a fluke, that he couldn’t perform against top talent. However, in Smash 4, he achieved a mostly unrivaled level of consistency. To add to this, he developed the metagame for Marth, and Meta Knight – characters previously judged as a mid to low tiers.

Today, MkLeo stands on a mountain with even more room to climb.

MkLeo was reserved from release to January. Through that month, he only participated in two tournaments, coming out on top in both of them – these two tournaments being Smash Mania 2 and Smash Conference United. After that, he has been on a tear. Out of the 18 tournaments he has entered, he has won 8 tournaments and has placed in Top 8 in 17 tournaments. Just looking at those numbers, his results speak volumes. To add to this, he has developed the metagame of characters like Joker and Ike.

Currently, MKLeo traverses a path of greatness. If he could clone himself, domination would be assured.


Tweek and MKLeo
TSM Tweek at Genesis 6 – Image: Liquipedia

Jack of all trades serves to define Tweek perfectly. Through his Smash 4 career, he never shied away from taking a calculated risk. Often busting out characters like Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Cloud and Bayonetta. In Ultimate, he has dialed it up a bit.

Towards the last period of Smash 4, he managed to achieve an acceptable level of consistency. Out of his last ten tournaments, he won three and only missed Top 8 on one. That seems great and all, but at that period, the game was winding down. Many players were preparing for the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, consequently separating themselves from Smash 4. Who would have known that Ultimate would skyrocket Tweek’s career?

At the moment, Tweek has won Sky’s Ultimate Invitational, Let’s Make Moves, Glitch 6, Frostbite 2019, Saints Gaming Live 2019 and Get On My Level. True to his reputation, he has won with a cast of different characters, most often relying on Wario – a character whose metagame has been almost singlehandedly developed by Tweek. Apart from that, he has used Young Link, Roy, Wolf, Donkey Kong and even Ridley in stacked tournaments, all while keeping his a high level of consistency.

Friendly Rivalry

Tweek and MkLeo are at the top of the game. Both of them hold a record that validates them being at the apex predators of Ultimate. However, some fire is born from this. Whenever these players meet in the bracket, a great set is on its way.

In Frostbite 2019, Tweek managed to 3-0 MkLeo. However, MkLeo managed to best Tweek in Momocon 2019. This rivalry might have no personal issues adding to it, but it exists as a competitive fuel. Both of these players want to beat each other, and not one of them seems to be giving up. MkLeo recently developed his Joker to crazy levels, and Tweek appears to have no buffer on his progress. It’s all a matter of who wants it more.

As Ultimate is only six months old, there is even the possibility of a third party joining the fight. However, only time will write the last words of this tale.



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