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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Last Fighter leaked!

A reliable leaker claims to know the final DLC fighter for Smash Ultimate. This leaker accurately predicted Pyra/Mythra as well as Kazuya as DLC, among other things.

Supposed “leaks” for smash Ultiatme’s fighter pass are a dime a dozen on the internet, looking at you 4chan. With the ability to post anonymously, people will say anything to gain clout or push a narrative. However, one such leaker has resurfaced due to multiple accurate predictions on DLC fighters. This leak has split the smash community into two camps. Some feel ecstatic at the leak, while others are up in arms.

While leaks are not the most reliable sources of information. Since this particular leaker has been correct on multiple different topics, this could potentially be something worth looking into.

Accurate Predictions

picture depicting Pyra/Mythra and Kazuya in Smash Ultimate

The leak in question was posted by an anonymous user using the Rapper Mario meme as their profile picture. This leak correctly predicted Pyra/Mythra’s inclusion stating, “This character will appease audiences both east and west, but it won’t break the internet and a fair amount of people will be angry at their inclusion.”

The post also predicted Kazuya’s inclusion stating, “next is a less expected rep of a beloved 3rd party series already in smash, many people through this series would receive more representation in the base game.”

SInce Heihachi’s Mii outfit is already in the game, it’s safe to assume that Tekken was the game in question. They also predicted Dante would be added as a Mii fighter costume and not as a fighter.

The poster claimed that his fighter predictions were cryptic because it could potentially out the people who leaked the information. However, the Dante Mii costume was correct and even if the leaks were cryptic, they still line up with the released characters.

Final DLC Fighter and Bonus Fighter!?

If this anonymous rapping Mario is correct, there will be a divide in the smash community due to the fighter in question.

The leaker claims, “The ‘final’ fighter is a Capcom character from a game that doesn’t involve action.” The character that fits this description is Phoenix Wright from the “Ace Attorney” series. While people may say he wouldn’t work in a game like smash brothers. Wii fit trainer and Villager are also characters who never fight in their games. Plus, Phoenix Wright is already a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom.

This may not be the end of the second fighter’s pass. “The second fighter’s pass has a bonus character from Zelda that will release alongside or shortly after the Capcom character,” the leaker claims. There has been speculation that there will be a bonus character since Nintendo loves pulling an “old switcheroo” to create more hype.

This bonus character will most likely be from “Breath of the Wild 2.” While there is little info about Breath of the Wild 2, they could potentially use Impa from  “Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity” or a new character entirely.

While Masahiro Sakurai has said multiple times that there will be no 3rd fighters pass. There may be a chance for new fighters coming to smash in their own individual DLC.

Bonus Fighters

Master Cheif in smash?

The leak claims that companies such as Microsoft, Sega, Valve and Game Freak, among many others, will have representation in the future. This would be a good play for Nintendo because it would keep people interested in Smash Ultimate.

The information provided in this leak should be taken with a grain of salt. Still, it is always fun to see what credible leakers have to say and what may be coming to Smash Ultimate later.

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