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Smash Summit 12 Results: iBDW Proves the Haters Wrong

On the weekend of December 9-12 2021, Beyond the Summit’s “Smash Summit 12” was held in Los Angeles, California. Smash Summit is the premier and exclusive smash melee event in the competitive smash community. The top players consisted of Joseph “Mango” Marquez, Zain “Zain” Naghmi, Japanese Masaya “AMsa” Chikamoto. With COVID restrictions being more relaxed, Sweden’s very own Smash God killer William “Leffen” Hjelte made his return to the states as well as Linus “Pipsqueak” Nordin. Everyone assumed that the grand finals would b a repeat of Summit 11 with Magno and Zain vying for first place. However, Cody “iBDW” Schwab came prepared, dominating his bracket and destroying Mango in the grand finals 3-0 set.

Smash Summit 12ย  SIngles

Smash Summit 12’s singles tournament was filled with exciting melee, as all Summits are. There were some major upsets such as the last seed Anees “Free Palestine” Assaf, taking out John, “KoDoRiN” Ko early in the tournament.ย  Leffen also made an exceptional run after coming back to the states, getting 5th place and beating his long-time rival Hungrybox in top 8. Mango, got second place, seemed to be playing, unfortunately, “sloppy.” With some bad reads and really only turned up when he was down 2-0.

iBDW’s Smash Summit 12 Run

Taken from Panda Global’s Twitter

iBDW was not even on people’s radar for winning Smash Summit 11. the community was more focused on Leffen’s return and the inevitable Zain and Mango runback. However, iBDW shocked the haters by giving an outstanding performance in the bracket. His first opponent was Leffen who got an early lead in the set going up 2-0 on iBDW. Even still, iBDW was able to reverse 3-0 Leffen to advance in winners to face aMSa.

The egg-throwing Yoshi main aMSa, was looking phenomenal after utterly annihilating Hungrybox in the Quarterfinals. While aMsa took the first game in the set against iBDW, iBDW adapted and won a heart-attack-inducing set 3-1.

iBDW then faced his bracket demon, Zain. iBDW has lost to Zain in their last six encounters and seemed destined to lose their seventh. Yet again, iBDW surprised the smash community winning in another close set 3-2 finding himself on the winner’s side of Grand Finals.

Finally, iBDW faced off against the defending champion Mango himself. Mango was unfortunately gassed from the tournament as iBDW was still riding his momentum from his last win against Zain. Amazingly, iBDW made quick work of Mango in Grand Finals, giving him his first-ever Summit victory.

Future of Competitive Smash

Even with the year almost being over, there is still one more major tournament to look forward to in 2021, that being the “SWT 2021 Melee championship.” There is also “Genesis 8″ on January 28-31, 2022. iBDW’s victory is great for the Smash Melee competitive scene, with the new age of players on the rise, there is no telling what the Super Smash Bro’s Melee competitive scene will have in store for their community next!

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