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Scend and Lui$ (Scend$): The Dominate Smash Ultimate Doubles Team

Doubles has always been a staple in the Super Smash Bros. competitive scene. While doubles isn’t the main attraction at major tournaments, it is a fun and exciting event that kicks off most tournament weekends. There have been dominant teams in the past, such as the legendary CLG duo known as “PewFat,” getting its name from its two players, Kevin “PewPewU” Toy and Zachary “SFAT” Cordoni, who dominated the Melee doubles competitive scene from 2013-2020. On the Smash Ultimate side of things, a team has shown potential in the past two majors to become Ultiatmes’s version of PewFat. The team consists of two best friends, Spencer “Scend” Garner and Luis “Lui$” Oceguera (referred to as Scend$ for the remainder of the article), who won both Smash Ultimate doubles tournaments at Riptide and Low Tide City.

Scend$ Riptide Run

Taken From SmashWiki, official Riptide logo.

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Riptide was the first in-person tournament since COVID-19. So naturally, just about every top player came out to show their skills and take home the gold. The doubles tournament had 121 entrances with notable teams like Epic_gabriel / Sparg0, Naitoshartp / MkLeo, Maister / Elegant and Fatality / Sonido, to name a few.

Out the gate, Scend$ dominated their first three sets, only losing one game. In winners quarter-finals, the due went up against Epic_Gabriel and Sparg0, who sent them to losers in a 1-2 set. Scend$ had to go through the losers side gauntlet. However, the duo fought their way through teams such as Skar / SKITTLES!!, Fatality / Sonido and naitosharp / MkLeo.

Climbing their way to losers finals Scend$, had to face Maister / Elegant for the chance to take on their bracket demons, Epic_GGabriel / Sparg0, in Grand Finals. Losers finals went to game five with Scend$ barely winning the set. Many in the audience assumed that Epic_Gabriel / Sparg0 would repeat their winners quarter-finals set and take the tournament. However, Scend$ had other plans. Scend$ reset grand finals, going 3-0. After that, Scend$ face rolled the second set, taking it 3-0. In the end, the duo had a 10-1 set count.

Scend$ Low Tide City Run

Official low Tide City logo from page

Coming off of their doubles victory at Riptide, Scend$ set their sights on Low Tide City. The doubles tournament had 137 entrances with an abundance of top players. While the duo may have had a hiccup at Riptide, they came to Low Tide City and showed that that was all their one loss was. Scend$ swept their bracket, only having a close game five set with MkLeo / Javi in winners semi-finals. They went on to take Chag / Skyjay in WInners FInals, winning the set 3-1.

In Grand Finals, Scend$ once again fought MkLeo / Javi. At first, MkLeo and Javi went Byleth and Lucina. However, Scend$ crushed the first game, with both players having low percentages on their last stocks, forcing MkLeo to step it up and go Pyra/Mythra. Even with the change, Scend$ once again took game two. Game three went down to the wire with Scend playing a one-on-one, one-stock game with MkLeo. Scend looked as if he was going to lose the game having over 130% on his last stock but was able to come back due to MkLeo failing a ledge guard and fitting hit with Pika Thunder. Scend$ swept the tournament, looking like nothing could stop them.

Scend$ Future

Scend and Lui$ will both be attending Mainstage 2021 and participating in the doubles tournament yet again. Their past two preferences have shown that they are the true dominant doubles team in Smash Ultiatme, having back-to-back doubles wins. The pair is confident in their game and are ready to face anyone. There is no doubt that Scend$ will have a fantastic doubles run at Mainstage but will they take the tournament once again? Only time will tell.

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