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Riptide: Melee’s Top 8

Riptide’s Super Smash Melee singles pools are underway. While round one of the pools was a  melting pot of top players and up and comers. Pools round two are shaping the top twenty-four bracket. This article aims to go over the players who made it to top eight.

Top 8 contenders

Hungrybox at Riptide

Juan “Hungrybox” Manuel Debiedma has been on a tear this tournament. In round two of pools, he didn’t drop a single game. He successfully beat his contender Benjamin “Ben” Strandmark, a “wi-fi” warrior who has gone up against Hungrybox in multiple online tournaments. It was a close set but Hunrybox clutched it out like he always does to get into top eight.

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iBDW at Riptide

Like Hungrybox, Cody “iBDW” Schwab did not drop a single game in his round two of pools. His opponent to get into the top eight is Kyle “Krudo” Krudo, a Sheik main from Florida. While iBDW is projected to win this set, Krudo is no slouch.

Logan at Riptide

Logan “Logan” Dunn has been making waves at Riptide. He dominated his bracket until he went up against Jacob “Jflex” Pinto who sent Logan to losers in a 3-1 set. He managed to climb his way to the top eight from losers side and will be playing Axe Sunday.

Plup & KoDoRiN
Plup and KoDoRiN at Riptide

Justin “Plup” McGrath has been rolling through pools like it’s nothing. Only dropping a single game to Sammy “Gooms “Curreri. Plup faced John “KoDoRiN” Ko for top eight winners side. KoDoRiN has a similar record to Plup, only dropped a single game in his pools. In their meeting, Plup managed to 3-1 KoDoRiN for Winners semifinals

Wizzrobe & SFAT
Wizzrobe and SFAT at Riptide

Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett is the best Captain Falcon in the world and he has shown his moves here at Riptide. Like many of the top players listed, he has been dominating his bracket and has only dropped a single game. He is projected to face off against Zachary “SFAT” Cordoni, who hasn’t dropped a game. SFAT 3-0 Wzzrobe for winners side of top eight and could potentially win the entire tournament.

Axe at Riptide

Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson was sent to the loser’s side early by Andrew “Secrets” K. However; Axe has been making a fantastic losers run and is in surprisingly good spirits. At the same time, many have counted Axe out due to his lacklustre past year. There are arguments made that Pikachu is nerfed online and now that he is back to playing offline, Axe has the potential to go far in Riptide’s Melee tournament. Regardless, he was able to make it all the way to the top eight and will be facing Logan Sunday.


The Melee tournament here at Riptide is far from over. However, predictions can now be made for who will take the tournament home. The projections say that Hungrybox will take the tournament. However, if Ben can take him out, it could definitely mix things up. The players who look the most poised to win this tournament are Hungrybo and Plup. Only time will tell who makes it into the top eight and who will take home the number one spot on Sunday.

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