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Riptide Day 3: MkLeo’s Ultimate Victory

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As Riptide approached it’s last day, all four games closed out the final rounds of their tournaments, including Ultimate. Stakes were high as many big names were here including MkLeo, Tweek, Dabuz and the up and coming Sparg0.

Less than two weeks prior we saw Tweek take first place against MkLeo at Summit. Fans and players alike were eager to see if the two would face off again at Riptide, and sure enough they did.

Leo v Tweek during grand finals

After Leo beat Maister in a 3-1 smackdown, he and Tweek played their first match against each other since Summit. Tweek and Leo both did quite well in this tournament leading up to this point. Both went undefeated for the first day. It wasn’t until their first match in winners finals that Tweek lot his first matchup. He established a two game lead on Leo, looking like he might take the match. Something must’ve snapped in Leo, as he proceeded to take the next three games and win the matchup, three-stocking Tweek in the last game.

Leo and Tweek’s Runs

Riptide top 8

Leo and Tweek were both pretty solid this weekend. After Tweek lost his first game to Leo, he got sent to the Loser’s finals, awaiting the winner of the Loser’s matches. Sparg0 worked his up to Loser’s finals beating Lui$, Maister and Elegant along the way.

Tweek and Sparg0 finally had their matchup, and while Sparg0 put up a good fight (even winning a match), he lost 3-1 to Tweek. Fans weren’t surprised as this was a similar outcome to Summit. Sparg0 has started to establish himself in the Ultimate scene as one of the best, and youngest up and coming players.

Grand Finals

Leo was patiently waiting as Tweek came back for round two in the Grand Finals of Riptide. This was the exact same final matchup at Summit, so fans were eager to see who would take the victory. Leo’s confidence from the last matchup hadn’t faded yet, as he stayed on top with Byleth, beating Tweek in an intense 3-1 matchup. During their last match Tweek switched to Sephiroth in an attempt to change it up and have an advantage, but ultimately ended up getting three stocked and losing. Making MkLeo the champion of the weekend.

Leo throwing a thumbs up after being awarded the first place medal.

This was an exciting tournament to watch, to see who all was in the top eight, click here. For all things Smash, keep it here at The Game Haus!

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