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Mang0 Wins Smash Summit 11

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Smash Summit returned this weekend, gathering the best Smash Bros Melee players in the world for a 16-player invitational tournament. Beyond The Summit hosted its first offline Melee event since Smash Summit 9 in February 2020, while Smash Summit 10 was held online in November 2020. With over $150,000 crowdfunded, Smash Summit 11 claimed the record of largest prize pool in Smash Melee history. In honor of the Olympics Games in Tokyo, this Smash Summit featured an Olympics theme in its side events and branding.


Summit 11 roster
Smash Summit 11 groups. Source: Beyond The Summit

Beyond The Summit invited Leffen and aMSa to the event, while Zain, Mang0, SFAT, iBDW, moky and Plup qualified through Summit Champions League. Meanwhile Hungrybox, LSD, Axe, Aklo, Yingling and n0ne claimed spots through crowdfunded voting. This left four qualifying spots as Wizzrobe, 2Saint and KoDoRiN qualified through Rollback Rumble and Pipsqueak qualified through SAME Circuit.

Unfortunately Leffen and Pipsqueak were unable to attend Smash Summit 11. Due to this, their spots were filled prior to the event’s start.


HBox CRT smash
Hungrybox smashes a CRT TV. Source: Beyond The Summit

The event kicked off on Thursday with a doubles tournament won by Mang0 & SFAT, defeating Plup & Hungrybox. Following the first bracket, Beyond The Summit held a variety of side events like basketball and an obstacle course.

The invitationals are known for their casual environment, and day two’s activities did not disappoint. While iBDW and Zain started the day with a reverse main exhibition, the event also included activities like Hungrybox tossing a CRT and the Summit’s signature mafia games.

Group play occurred on days two and three with the tournament’s first matches to shape the gauntlet stage. Zain, Mang0, Wizzrobe and Plup all claimed 3-0 records to come out on top in their respective groups.


Summit 11 gauntlet match
Wizzrobe vs. Hungrybox in the gauntlet. Source: Beyond The Summit

Still having a chance to prove themselves, every player took part in the gauntlet stage to shape the final bracket. The gauntlet featured exciting matches like Wizzrobe vs. Hungrybox and provided more Melee hype past the intial group stage.

As finals day seeding was decided through these gauntlet results, every player still had a shot to win it all on Sunday. With $150,000 on the line, gauntlet results were a crucial step in helping competitors’ chances of victory.


Smash Summit 11 finals kicked off with players in the lower bracket fighting for survival. SFAT, Axe, moky and n0ne secured crucial first round victories to stay alive while Zain, Plup, Hungrybox and iBDW all advanced in upper bracket round one.

Though Mang0 fell to Plup in round one of the upper bracket, he regained momentum and fought his way through the lower bracket. Meanwhile, Zain defeated both Plup and Hungrybox to claim a spot in winner’s side of grand finals. Mang0 defeated Plup 3-1 in a loser’s semi-finals rematch, then claimed a spot in grand finals after a 3-1 victory over Hungrybox.

Finally facing each other, Zain met Mang0 in a dramatic grand finals match. With massive first place prize money on the line, Melee’s finest played an intense final set to close out the weekend. Mang0 reset the bracket with a close 3-2 win after being down 2-0. He went on to beat Zain 3-2 again as the last match of the tournament came down to a final stock for both players. This was Mang0’s first Smash Summit victory, following a previous 3-2 loss in Smash Summit 10 Online grand finals to Zain last year.


Competitive Melee continues throughout the year as Beyond The Summit now looks ahead to Mainstage 2021 in November. The event features open bracket tournaments for Melee, Smash Ultimate and Project+. Competitors have a chance to secure one of six qualifying spots for Smash Summit 12 this December and Ultimate Summit 4 in March 2022.

Beyond The Summit continues to provide excellent support for the competitive Smash scene through their production of Summit events. Mang0’s historic victory at Smash Summit 11 is exactly what the scene needed as competitors look ahead to the future of offline tournaments.


Featured image courtesy of Beyond The Summit

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