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Lui$ & Scend Climb Out of Losers to Win the Riptide Doubles Tournament

RIptide is in full swing here in Sandusky, Ohio, with a lot on the line. Day one was a smashing success with over 3,000 attendees. Day one is seen as a “warm-up” for the singles bracket, the biggest event of the day was Smash Ultimate’s Riptide doubles bracket. The biggest names in Ultimate participated in this fun yet competitive doubles bracket, but only one team came out on top, those two being Lui$ and Scend, who had to climb their way out of losers and face the team that sent them there in the first place.

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Lui$ & Scend’s Run

Lui$ and Scend in doubles tournament at Smash Con

Scend and Lui$ were in Pools group A3. The team was able to send their counterparts, Atomsk and Yoda Cage to losers side in a 2-0 set. The duo then had to face off against Epic_Gabriel and Sparg0. Sparg0 a few weeks before had just recently placed third in Smash Ultimate Summit 3. Lui$ and Scend put up a fight against epic and Sparg0 in Winners Quarter-finals but were unable to clinch the set, losing 1-2.

With their doubles tournament lives on the line the duo went on a losers run of a lifetime. Taking out Varun/Chag 2-0 and Skar/SKITTLES!! 3-0. In losers Quarter-Finals, Lui$ and Scend faced Fatality and Sonido with the winner going up against MkLeo and Naitosharp. The games went back and forth but, Lui$/Scend came out on top with a 3-1 victory. Now, facing against the best player in the world, the two clutch the set with a 3-1 victory and find themselves in losers finals.

Losers Finals & Winners Finals

Lui$ and Scend aced off against Maister and Elegant for Losers Finals. Elegant and Maister had just been sent to losers by the same team that sent Lui$ and Scend there, those being Sparg0 and Epic_Gabriel. This was their closes set yet taking it 3-2.

Now in Winners Finals Lui$ and Scend have to face their bracket demons. This time however, was a bit different. It appeared that they figured out Epic_Gabriel and Sparg0’s game plan. In the final moments of the match, Epic_Gabrial lost his second to last stock. While Lui$, lost his last stock opting to take Scend’s second stock. With 64% on Scend’s last stock the match seemed to be going in SParg0’s and Epic_Gabriel’s favor, but Scend was able to gimp Sparg0’s recovery making it a two versus one situation. The team from losers climbed their way back from the depths of defeat.

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While Riptide doubles are not considered the most prestigious victory, many in the venue have said that these results can tell how well the competitors will do throughout the week. Even so, Scend and Lui$ are known for their doubles escapades. Day two however, is when the men/women are separated from the boys/girls. Time will tell how the singles bracket will pan out but it is sure to be a banger of a tournament.

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