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King of The Cube Leaked: New Weekly Melee Event

Yesterday, Kris “Toph” Aldenderfer, a professional melee player/commentator, announced on his stream a new Melee weekly event called “The King of the Cube.” The unofficial announcement came at the behest of Brandon “Atrioc Glizzy Hands” Ewing, who told his stream to ask Toph about The King of the Cube. Toph proceeded to “leak” their new collaborative project that aims to bring top unknown Smash Melee players to the forefront of the community.

What is The King of The Cube?

Picture of Atrioc Glizzy Hands and Toph commentating.

Toph described The King of the Cube as a way for great unknown players like Ohio native Erick “Flash” Washington to get exposure. Toph said, “it’s basically a recurring event and it’s going to be something that people can talk about every single week. Showing top players from budding regions and will be the way players like this will get exposure.” Toph also said there will be stakes and narratives with top-tier commentary by himself and Atrioc. Toph noted that these players will not just be paid in exposure, but with real money, the duo is putting up. “I’m probably going to lose money on this but, it’s not about the money for me. It’s about the players.”

Want to watch Toph’s stream? Click here!

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judging by what little Toph said about the King of the Cube. It will most likely be a weekly tournament with a sizable prize pool to boot. Players from around the United States and possibly the world will be able to showcase their top-level skills in an online environment each week. The King of the Cube has the potential to escalate the Smash Melee competitive scene and will be a sight to behold when it inevitably drops.

The Potential of The King of the Cube

Image via Nintendo

The King of the Cube could be an event that gives unknown top-level players a chance to grow in their Melee careers and make real money each week. This event could spark more interest in the Melee scene, potentially bringing in new players and revealing already great players who are unknown to the community at large. Many saw Flash’s performance at Riptide and were stunned that a relatively unknown Falco player could beat Avery “Ginger” Wilson in a Falco ditto. Flash also played exceptionally against top ten player Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett and place ninth place at a super major.

There are no doubt other players from different regions that can be top-level players but don’t have the exposure or the time to go to major events. The King of the Cube can be a way for them to finally get their names out there and potentially pick up a sponsor. The Future of Melee’s competitive scene was already looking great, but The King of the Cube could elevate it to new heights. Toph said that the official announcement will be coming in the next few days but at most a week.

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