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Kazuya Revealed as the Newest Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character

Kazuya Super Smash Bros

During the latest Nintendo Direct, Kazuya from Tekken was revealed to be the new character to join the Super Smash Brothers roster. There were many wondering why a Tekken character was not in the game considering Ryu and Terry had come from other major fighters. Kazuya will be the first Tekken character to join the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster.

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They will be coming to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate likely in the next few months and will be the fifth character to come with the second DLC Fighter Pass. Their abilities are currently unknown but similar to Ryu they are an up in your face melee fighter. Either way, they are expecting to reveal their abilities soon.

Kazuya Release Date
Kazuya Release Date

There are a lot of new characters that many people were hoping they would add to Super Smash Brother Ultimate. For those who really wanted a Tekken fighter, this may be a surprise but still a welcome one. For those who likely were not exactly wanting a Tekken character, this is probably a pretty big disappointment. It is interesting that many of these fighters in fighter pass 2 are not from major Nintendo games like many people were likely hoping for.

Kazuya will add another classic character which is what Super Smash Bros Ultimate is seemingly going for. They are hitting many of the major franchises lately and spreading their wings from the normal Nintendo characters.

For those who may be already be wondering when the next Super Smash Brothers Character will come out after Kazuya, make sure to keep it here at The Game Haus.

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