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Kazuya Moveset Speculation

Kazuya Mishima official artowrk in Tekken 7

Kazuya Mishima from Tekken was revealed as a fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at E3 2021. Ryu and Ken are from Street Fighter and Terry Bogard is from The King of Fighters, resulting in Tekken as the third 2-D fighting game series to have representation in smash.

This is important to mention because although these games are all different from each other, the character archetype will most likely be a close-in-your-face brawler with a mediocre recovery. In addition, their moveset tends to be a direct translation from their original games, often maintaining their precise inputs. However, besides these similarities, Kazuya will also be different than any other FGC representative in the game so far.

Devil Transformation

As showcased in the reveal trailer, Kazuya can transform into Devil Kazuya. This will be his gimmick, which is a staple for FGC smash characters. Devil Transformation, however, less similar to Ryu and Ken’s Shoryuken kill confirms or Terry’s confirms into Go Powers. It makes Kazuya’s attacks stronger and he moves faster, making this mechanic more similar to Joker’s Arsene or Cloud’s Limit Break. The input required for the transformation leaves Kazuya open in Tekken, so it is likely to be the case in smash as well.

In Tekken, characters develop Rage upon reaching low health, making their attacks deal more damage. This allows for more comeback potential for someone down in a match. This is a mechanic that is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as well.

In Tekken, certain attacks can only be done with Rage, unlike smash (barring Terry’s Power Geyser and Buster Wolf). It is likely that Devil Transformation on Kazuya can only be done with Rage, like in his series. Some of his other Rage attacks, including Devil Blaster, Devil Fist and Devil Twister were showcased in the trailer.

However, the damage threshold for these attacks are currently unknown. Considering Terry is only able to use his Go Moves starting at 100%, there will likely be a set percentage for all of his Rage attacks and Devil Transformation for consistency purposes. It could start earlier, the same, or later.

Other Attacks

Like Ryu, Ken and Terry, Kazuya will always be facing the opponent, as showcased in the first few scenes of gameplay. This makes it harder for opponents to cross him up.

Without Devil Kazuya, the trailer showcases him using what appears to be Soul Thrust, Flash Tornado, Right Splits Kick, Twin Pistons into a Demon God Fist combo, Dragon Uppercut, Stonehead and Reverse Neck Throw.

It is unclear at the moment how much much of his moveset from Tekken will be placed into his smash moveset. Kazuya is having a gameplay showcase on June 28th.

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