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How to Get into Smash Melee

Super Smash Melee is arguably the most competitive Smash game of all. While it is fun to watch it is much harder to become competitively competent at the game. This article aims to bring resources to new players who are looking to get into one of the most adored fighting games of all time.

Every time a hype Melee set happens, like Mango versus Zain in Smash summit Eleven, riles up interest in the now twenty-year-old game. New players see the crazy Melee sets and want to be a part of this community-built competitive scene. However, when these players download Slippi and play their first online match, they get bodied by a player who is wavedashing and L-canceling everywhere, making the new player frustrated and quit the game. While these advanced techniques are hard to learn, there are many resources available to new players who wish to wavedash all over their opponents.


With Melee being twenty-plus years old and still rolling. There are countless resources on the internet that can help new players quickly pick up the game’s mechanics. YouTube is one of the best places to understand and learn the game. While watching competitive sets and or players play the game is great for learning the game. There are excellent YouTube channels devoted to teaching new players how to perform advanced techniques required to compete in Smash Melee.

SSBM Tutorials” is a great place for new players to go and learn more about the game. They go in-depth on many fascists of the game such as Neutral game, Dash dancing, L- Canceling, and how most things work within Melee. Once these are mastered, watching competitive sets can help you advance your mental game. Many top players will analyze their sets and give their thought processes. Players like Jason “Mew2king” Zimmerman will analyze everything in a set to give his insight into competitive melee.


Rollback netcode implemented for Super Smash Bros. Melee with Slippi Online

It is now easier than ever to play the twenty-year-old game for any player who wishes to get into Melee. With the Slippi ROM hack, players can play melee from their computers with random players worldwide or with friends. Moreover, with a good net code (better than Ultimates), playing the game online is extremely close to offline play.

Using the site, can help players get everything set up, so the game is as smooth as possible. They also have links to help players learn the game. The Melee Library, 20XX Training Hack Pack and UnclePunch Training Mode are resources that will help players understand Melee.

UnclePunch Training Mode

UnclePunch on Twitter: "Some lesser additions and changes in Training Mode v2.0: Added a new menu to the Event Selection Screen. Pressing Z will display the menu.…"

Arguably the best way to learn and understand the game is Unclepunch’s training mode modpack. This mod streamlines practice by providing pre-made individual training scenarios. In addition, UnclPunch adds an overlay that tells the player when to press the button to get the preferred action. For example, when practicing L- Canceling, a bar is located at the top of the screen that will tell the player when to press L to get the perfect timing. These drills can be done multiple times in quick succession so players can commit these actions to muscle memory. Players can use many different scenarios to get their fundamentals down before heading into a competitive environment or unranked matches on slippi.

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