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Ginger Dominates Low Tide City: Smash Melee

On Sunday, October 3rd, top eight of Low Tide City was held in Round Rock, Texas. With 323 entrances, the tournament was poised to be a great Super Major. Many assumed that Tempo’s own Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson was poised to win the tournament, proving that he was back to form after his lackluster performance in the online era induced by COVID. Axe played exceptionally well in the tournament, beating players like John “KoDoRiN” Ko and the Texas native Bobby Big Ballz. However, one opponent stood in Axe’s way; one whose coach asked him, ‘do you even want to win?” after placing thirteenth at Riptide just a few weeks prior, that player was Ginger, who sent Axe to losers and went on to beat him again in Grand Finals 3-1.

Low Tide City’s Melee Singles Bracket

While Low Tide City was not nearly as staked as Riptide’s Melee bracket, missing nine of the top ten Melee players. This, however, allowed lower-ranked players to rise and take the supermajor. Players such as Johnny “S2J” Kim, DaJuan “Shroomed” McDaniel, Jason “Gahtzu” Diehl and Sasha “Magi” Sullivan, to name a few players in attendance.

S2J was the number one seed and was considered the primary threat in the tournament. However, S2J was sent to loser’s side by the Texas native Ben “SFOP” Duren in a 1-3 set. He managed to get to top 8 but was taken out by Gahtzu in a Captain ditto. Gahtzu dominated the set taking it 3-0, leaving S2J in seventh place.

Ginger’s Run

Ginger felt like he under preformed at Riptide, where he placed thirteenth, losing to the Ohio native “Flash.” He said he expected more support from the crowd at Riptide due to him being an East Coast native. However, he did not receive such respect from the crowd, which threw him off a bit. At Low Tide City, he said he wasn’t expecting much support because Ginger was in the south, so he went into it knowing he would not have the crowds support.

He ran through his bracket without dropping a single game until top sixteen, where Duncan “SDJ” Meara took a single game off of him in a 3-1 set. Ginger then went to Winners Semi-Finals, where he faced Magi at her first in-person tournament since COVID. Magi was coming off an outstanding performance at Low Tide, having gone through Zamu and Gahtzu, who were both seeded over her.

Ginger versus Magi

Magi struggled against GInger in the first two games, having some flubs with air dodge and some missed techs. Ginger, however, was on fire and the momentum was on his side. In-game two, Magi was down two stocks with 103% left on her latest stock. However, she was able to bring it back to a one-stock game but still lost. At this moment, the momentum shifted and Ginger knew it. Magi went into game three with an early flubbed stock with an immediate zero to death on the following stock. Still, Magi was able to bring it back with a  few early stocks of her own. The game went to last stock again, but Ginger was unable to close out the game. In game four, Ginger turned up yet again and was able to take the set 3-1.

Winner’s Finals

Ginger went up against the crowd favorite, Axe, in winner’s finals. The two players were both playing hot. However, Axe has had great success against Falcos and was the favorite to win the set. The two traded games back and forth, but it seemed like Axe had the moment going into game five after taking game four with a two-stock lead. Ginger was able to get a shine off the top to take the first stock of game five. Axe tried to come back but accidentally cannonballed off the stage, giving GInger the opportunity to ledge guard with a down smash, taking another quick stock. Ginger was playing hot for the remainder of game five, only losing a single stock, taking it 3-2.

Grand Finals

Ginger went into Grand Finals hot. In game one, Ginger took a quick stock off of Axe, who then dropped off the ledge and air dodge, losing another stock giving Ginger a two-stock lead. Axe was unable to make up the difference. Game two went to Final Destination, where the two traded stocks back to back. However, Axe could get a dash attack into neutral air offstage to a drop-down neutral air. Game three went to Axe with a two-stock lead. Ginger then took Axe to Yoshi’s story, where Ginger took the game with a two-stock lead.

Game five went to Fountain of Dreams. Firsts stock, Ginger got Axe relatively high, but Axe was able to shift the momentum in his favor; unfortunately for Axe, he did not grab the ledge letting Ginger sneak past him and get a crucial ledge trump. Ginger capitalized on Axe’s flub, adding 82% onto Axe’s second stock before losing his own. Still not out, Axe covered the ledge and sniped Ginger’s second stock with the tail of neutral air. Ginger, now down a stock, needed a quick kill to even things up. He landed a stray back air near the ledge, evening up the game. Axe was throwing Ginger around on their third stock but could not read Ginger’s recovery mixups. Axe got a quick hit with neutral air but didn’t capitalize, giving Ginger center stage. Ginger landed a meaty back air, closing out Axe’s final stock, winning him the tournament.


Ginger played out of his mind at Low Tide City, and it seemed like he had something to prove to not just the Smash community but himself. Coming off of a disappointing performance at Riptide, he knew he could do better. Ginger has been known for getting down on himself when he is down in a game. However, Ginger did not show up at Low TIde; instead, a remarkably composed and confident Ginger came out to play and took the tournament. Low Tide City is Ginger’s biggest tournament win to date. While not all of the top ten were in the tournament, this shows that GInger can keep his composer and come out on top against the best players in the world. Congratulations to Ginger for taking Low Tide City with such a stellar performance

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