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Genesis 7 Car Break-Ins Cause Uproar

On the surface, Genesis 7 was yet another successful entry to the legendary tournament series. However, the events that took place outside of the game play are causing an uproar in the Smash Bros. community. Complaints about cars being broken into and places outside the tournament not being safe are causing players to question if the tournament series should remain in the bay area.

The Genesis tournament series has held every single installment in northern California. Starting with Genesis 5, the tournament series moved to the city of Oakland. According to Forbes, Oakland is the third most dangerous city in the country meaning that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that even at a friendly Smash Bros. tournament, not so friendly things happened.

Over the course of the event, players started posting on Twitter saying that their vehicles had their windows smashed and their belongings stolen. Many players have stated that the area around the Oakland Convention Center where the tournament took place, was not a safe area. Even the tournament organizers urged attendees to not leave anything in their cars and to try parking in a garage.

Unfortunately for some, these tips didn’t do any good as multiple reports came out of car windows smashed in both in the hotel parking garage as well as the street. Some people lost valuable items.


Reports like these have caused players to voice their resentment against the location of the tournament.

Although there is backlash at the location of the tournament, others have cited that it isn’t the city that is the problem. Players like Hugo “HugS” Gonzales stated that cars being broken into are not native to just Oakland.

Not everything about the venue was negative. Ever since Genesis 5, the top 8 of each title has been played in the historic Paramount Theater which has been a fan favorite and for some people, it’s one of the biggest reasons why they attend the event in the first place.

Genesis 7 Paramount Theater

The historic Paramount Theater is a big draw for attendees of the Genesis tournament series as it gives viewers an impressive top 8 viewing experience. (Credit to Li Hoang)

There has been no official announcement of when or where the next iteration of Genesis will be held. With a mix of bad and good, it will be interesting to see if the tournament series goes back to San Jose where Genesis 3 and 4 took place or if the good outweighs the bad and they stick with Oakland.

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