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Fighter Move Origins: Kirby

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Welcome to the first article in a new series entitled Fighter Move Origins. The goal for this series is to go over each character individually and discuss their move set, and more importantly where each move derives from. This could be attributed back to a certain game, moment or something of that vein. Each new fighter feels like they were ripped straight from their game of origin in terms of play style and overall feel. This leaves myself and many others wondering “where’d that come from?” Welcome to Fighter Move Origins. First up: Kirby.

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Creator Masahiro Sakurai’s own brain child, the pink puffball himself is the first fighter. Kirby has been in every smash game to date, being one of the original 12 fighters. Between all 5 games (6 if one counts Wii U/3DS as separate entries), Kirby’s moves haven’t changed as much as others, but certain moves have gone through various changes/ modifications. Since Kirby’s standard attacks are mainly punches and kicks that derive from the “fighter” ability, let’s start with his special attacks.


Special Attacks

Kirby has four special attacks, not including his final smash. Neutral special (Copy/inhale), side special (hammer), up special (cutter) and down special (stone). Each of these originates from Kirby’s first game on the NES: Kirby’s Adventure. However, though the hammer and cutter originate from Kirby’s Adventure, the charged hammer as well as the cutter jump moves didn’t show up until Kirby Super Star on the SNES. When using stone, there’s the chance that Kirby will turn into either a Thwomp from the Super Mario series or a chest from The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild.

Kirby smash copies
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Side special
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Up B
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Fireball (Dash Attack)

Those who’ve played multiple games in the series know that Kirby’s dash attack has frequently changed. From a fireball to a series of kicks while Kirby slides on his head. Ultimate brought back Kirby’s fireball dash for good. This is by far the most popular variant of Kirby’s dash attack among fans and players.


Final Smash

Finally, the last move is Kirby’s Final Smash: Ultra Sword. When Final Smashes were introduced in Brawl, Kirby’s Final Smash was originally Cook Kirby. He would gather all opponents on screen into a giant pot, cook them, and then shoot them out along with some food. In Wii U/3DS it was changed to Ultra Sword from Return to Dreamland. This was one of the main super abilities in the game, and can be obtained when inhaling a super blade knight. When using his Final Smash, Kirby will change his appearance to that of the Ultra Sword Super Ability. He will slash at his opponent several times in quick succession as they are unable to move, before performing a finishing blow and sending them flying.

Image Courtesy of Nintendo I Fandom

Kirby is definitely an interesting little guy, with an even more interesting playstyle. For all things Smash, and more origins for fighters keep it here at The Game Haus. Also if anyone has a particular fighter they would like to see next, leave a comment below!

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