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PvZ: The disco build

Are you looking for a goofy new way to style on Zergs? Are you sick and tired of that dumb and overpriced Warp Gate upgrade? Do you believe that every mineral patch is rightfully yours? Then the Disco Build is for you!


The Disco Build is an Oracle-centered macro build that operates on three simple facts:

1: Oracles are hilariously good against Hydralisks, Lings and Banes (Ultras too!)

2: Stasis Wards and Photon Cannons go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

3: Money → Carriers → Winning

Here’s the build:

Nexus first Forge Fast Expand and Probe scout – keep scouting until you see a 3rd base

18 – Nexus
18 – Forge
18 – Gateway
20 – Cannon
22 – Cybernetics in main
23 – 2 gases
25 – Hodor Zealot
29 – 3rd gas
32 – Stalker to patrol main
36 – Stargate in the back of your main
38 – 4th gas
40 – 2 more cannons if Zerg has no 3rd base, watch for Dropperlord
48 – Build 1 Phoenix:
The Phoenix and Stalker will be able to deny all but the double Speedlord scout, and the Pheonix will be used to scout and kill Overlords
48 – Mothership Core
50 – 2 more Stargates
54 – First Oracle – keep hidden at home
60 – Build 2 Pylons at 3rd Base location and send Moma Core
Build Nexus and 3 cannons at 3rd
Do the same at your 4th base about a minute later
When you have about 10 Oracles, drop a pair of Stasis traps at your 3rd or 4th base (whichever doesn’t have the Mothership Core) and head across the map.

Getting the Party Started:

When you get to the Zerg’s base you are going to want to utilize an OP strat called “Judgement.”
If you see a few Hydras or Queens, lay down some mean green dance moves.
If you see an exposed Hatchery – it’ll be gone in about .003 seconds.
Kill Queens before Spores, kill Drones if you can – use that big Protoss brain of yours.

Ow” -Queen

Bottle Service:

After your initial attack – your Oracles will be used primarily to protect you while you make the whole map your very own Protoss dance floor.
This can mean distracting the Zerg with harassment or simply mowing down any Zerg units with the misfortune of attacking you.
Rush out your 3rd and 4th bases – with a few Cannons and Stasis Wards they will be untouchable until a Spire or a committed Hydra timing.
From there expand as quickly as you can and spend all surplus minerals on Cannons and more Nexuses (Nexi?).
It is ESSENTIAL that you know what their response is, so send in that lone Pheonix on a suicide mission at about 9 minutes to find out.
Hydra Den:
  • This is what you want
  • Keep pumping Oracles and research +1 Air Armor – if you’ve done any damage at all the Hydralisks alone will never beat Mass Oracle
  • Add more Stasis Traps and Cannons
Infestation Pit:
  • Business as usual – just Revelate for burrowed Infestor ahead of your Oracle pack and split them up into smaller groups when you get to 25-30 Oracles
  • Check for a Hive periodically for possible Vipers
  • Expand, Expand, Expand


  • Be patient with Vipers and don’t even get close without thoroughly pre-spreading
  • Your opponent might make a few Ultralisks to help bust through your Cannons – Oracles laugh in their general direction


  • This is going to be the scariest option. Revelate larva to find out if it’s Mutalisks or Curruptors
  • If the Zerg Air can camp your Stargates it’s checkmate – immediately build about 10 cannons around your Stargate cluster (you should have about 5 by now) and build a Fleet Bacon and Phoenix range.
  • Build additional Cannons in every mineral line – keep in mind Curruptors are terrible guests and are known to urinate on people’s property when they drink too much
  • Make a few Phoenix if Muta, Mass Void Ray if Corrupter
  • Build a 2nd Cybernetics and research double air upgrades and even shields if you’re really rolling in it


  • Corruptors are the correct response to this build in my opinion, but they won’t be able to effectively slow down your expanding.
  • Oracles are still much faster than Curruptor so run them around the map while you expand aggressively
  • Split up your pack into smaller groups to place Stasis traps at Zerg’s prospect bases and kill new Hatcheries
  • Some Zergs will make a pack of Curruptors to zone out your Oracles while an anti-ground army like mass Ling/Bane tries to kill bases. When you scout this add more Cannons, Stasis Wards and wall tight with Gateways if necessary
  • Versus Roach/Curruptor add more cannons/stasis, build Void Rays, and keep the Curruptors busy at home


  • Oracles no longer leave the protection of Cannons until Phoenix win the air
  • Tag the Muta flock as often as is safely possible
  • If you have 5 secure Bases already just skip Phoenix and build OP Carriers

Your eventual goal is the Golden Armada with a Mothership, 3-3 Carriers and Oracle support.

Add on more Stargates and donate some Probes when you Max out.

Why it works:
Zerg has some units that are great vs Oracles and Carriers: Curruptors, Infestors, Queens, and Vipers
Zerg also has some units that are great vs Structures: Zergling, Baneling, Roach, Ravager, Lurker, Swarmhost, Ultralisk, Broodlord
Their problem is that Zerg doesn’t have a unit that’s great at both. None of the “structure-killing” units can touch Oracles or Carriers, and none of the Anti Air units can cost effectively kill a base- so the Zerg has to make a difficult choice.
They can
A) Sit back, Spore up, try to expand against lightning quick Oracle hit squads, and eventually go toe-to-toe with a split map +3+3+3 Carrier Fleet with a 10k 10k bank, or…
B) Commit to a timing attack that could completely fail, leaving them helplessly behind against your +3+3+3 Carriers and 10k 10k bank.


You will be confronted with various combinations of the above units. For example: Hydra/Infestor/Corruptor or Hydra/Ultra/Corruptor/Viper
Your hardest task will be fending off these armies before your Carrier count is strong enough to help – be patient.
  • Sacrifice or trade a base if need be – let your Cannons and Stasis traps buy you time
  • Wait for the Zerg air to separate from the Hydras for just a moment and pounce on them with your Oracles
  • Set up a concave if they have Infestors or Viper
  • In case of Emergency – In rare circumstances I’ve lost too many Oracles early on and I could no longer fight the Hydralisks – I’ve had some success with throwing down 10+ gateways, a twilight council and (ugh) Warp Gate for a massive 4 base Chargelot all in – not a Plan A or even a Plan B but a complete hail mary.
Match for Reference:

Good Luck, Have Fun – and don’t forget to dance!

Photos Courtesy of films: The Wicker Man and Saturday Night Fever

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