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Why we still play Retro Games in 2020

Video games have been around since the early 1970s and are one of the fastest-growing entertainment mediums in the world. Modern games offer hyper-realistic graphics, immersive open worlds and hundreds of hours of gameplay. But despite the incredible evolution of video games in the past few decades, there will always be something special about the retro video games from the 80s and 90s.


The evolution of video games


When the NES was released in 1983, it brought video games from the arcades and introduced them into the homes of millions of people. Iconic video game franchises such as Mario, Zelda and Dragon Quest were introduced on the NES, and these are games that still get sequels to this day. By the time the SNES, Sega Saturn and PlayStation 1 came around, gaming had already become a mainstream hobby.


Needless to say, video games have changed a lot over the years. 8-bit pixel graphics have been replaced with advanced 3D graphics and 4K resolution, virtual reality is no longer fiction, and multiplier games allow us to play with people from across the globe. No matter how you look at it, video games are objectively more immersive and complex than they ever were in the past. Even online casino games have evolved a lot in the past decade – now you can play blackjack, poker and other games against real dealers in a live casino online.


But now, almost 40 years after the NES was released, some players still prefer to play classic video games over modern games. In 2017, BBC wrote an article about some of the players that still stick to the good old classics. In the interview, the players had many reasons for why they continue to go back to their favourite childhood games: nostalgia, availability and price were just some of them.


Although retro games like Tetris and Mario have older graphics and are more simplistic than modern games, their core gameplay is so good that they still hold up to this day. While going back to the games of the early 3D-era can be a rough experience, 2D games generally hold up very well. The simplistic gameplay of Tetris has barely changed over the years, because it doesn’t have to – lining up the pieces and removing them from the screen is just as satisfying as ever.


Retro games have become a collectible. Just a few months ago, a rare edition of Super Mario Bros was auctioned off for $154,000, setting a new record. Collecting other used or sealed retro games, consoles and controllers is not a cheap venture, but luckily there are many alternatives for players who want to go back in time and experience the early days of gaming for themselves. Anyone can download a free emulator and install thousands of games from pretty much all the retro consoles.


Games will undoubtedly continue to evolve over the next decades, but players can enjoy a broader range of games. Whether you prefer the classic retro games of the 80s and 90s, smaller indie games or the most modern games from Ubisoft and Activision, there has never been a better time to be a gamer.

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