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Who Will Make the NBA Finals?

The Warriors and Bucks will get to the NBA Finals. It is a little bland to pick both one seeds, but these teams are the best. From everything including the teams’ rosters to their projected matchups, they have great chances to reach the Finals.

Golden State Warriors

Looking at the Warriors first, they will blow by the first round. The Clippers did a good job of making the playoffs, but they face a speedy exit. 

Who will make the NBA Finals?
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Aside from the pride of sweeping a team, the Warriors will enjoy the Rockets’ first-round matchup. Houston was the Warriors’ greatest threat last year, and they are still a threat this year. The Rockets took three of the four games between the two teams in the regular season. 

On top of that, James Harden’s scoring this season could almost be enough to beat Golden State by itself. If Chris Paul is healthy in that entire series (should the Rockets advance), the story could change drastically for Golden State.

So, the Warriors should pray that Utah beats Houston. Or, they should at least pray the Jazz take the Rockets to seven games. Utah is no team to mess around with, and they could potentially beat the Rockets. Even just by taking the series to six or seven games, that is a lot of time for the Warriors to rest.

The Warriors will advance to the Conference Finals, whether they face the Rockets or Jazz. If the higher seeds win their respective matchups, the Warriors will face the Nuggets to go to the Finals. That is not a favorable matchup for Golden State, as the Nuggets are all-around good. But, the Warriors will advance.

Milwaukee Bucks

The one thing that is scary about the Bucks is the fact they are the one seed. As a seven seed last year, they took two-seeded Boston to seven games. That is pretty good, but this Bucks team has not been past the first round.

Who will make the NBA Finals?
Giannis Antetokounmpo (Photo by

Giannis Antetokounmpo is supposed to be the MVP, so he will need to properly lead this team in the playoffs. If he does, and if his supporting cast does what it has been doing all year, they will be fine. They should sweep the Pistons, which will allow a lot of rest time for the second round.

Despite not having Victor Oladipo, the Pacers will probably win two games against the Celtics. So, again, whether Indiana or Boston, the Bucks should win that next series in six games probably. That leaves a Conference Finals matchup with either the 76ers or the Raptors.

Either would be a seven-game series, but the Bucks have a determination that will help them win that series. Antetokounmpo wants the title more than anybody, it seems, and he will get the chance to play for it. So really, if anything, the Bucks’ drive and determination will get them past either team.

Who will win the NBA Finals?

Now, as for who will win the championship: The Warriors. If the predicted NBA Finals matchup comes to fruition, the Bucks will fight valiantly but will fall. The Warriors will take the title by winning the series 4-2. The Bucks and Warriors each take a road win in the first four games, but then the Warriors will win two in a row to close it out.

The Bucks would have home-court advantage, but the Warriors will be able to take two of the games in Milwaukee, while defending home court. The way the Bucks win the series, in my opinion, is not let it go to seven games.

Yes, they would have the home court for game seven, but the Warriors can handle that. The Bucks need to win the first two games, then take one at Golden State and then win game five at home.

While getting that speedy of a win against the Warriors seems pretty impossible, it is not unthinkable for this Bucks team, and it really would be the best way to win the series and not let the Warriors get any chances.


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