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What IF The Cubs Win It All?

(Photo Credit: Matt Marton AP)

(Photo Credit: Matt Marton AP)

Baseball fans are keeping a close eye on the Cubs this year. For good reason too, because the Cubs are good. 108 years ago was the last time the Cubs won the World Series. The year was 1908. A lot has changed since the last time the Cubs won. The average life expectancy was only 47 years. The average wage was 22 cents per hour and people only made 200 to 400 dollars a year. 95 percent of all people were born at home. Basically, it was a different planet, understand what I am getting at? It leads me to ask, what would happen IF the Cubs were to win the world series?

Where are they now?

The Cubs started off the season extremely hot but recently they have cooled off. They are only 2-8 in their last 10 games. Overall they sit at 53-35 which is still good enough to sit atop of the NL Central Division. June has typically been a rough month for the Cubs throughout their history, and so has leading into the all-star game. Meaning, it isn’t much to worry about.

Over the last five years ,or so, they usually become the hottest team in baseball after the all star break. If that trend continues they will hit their stride at the right time of the season. I believe it is good that they have had some struggles because they want to play their best baseball heading into the playoffs. Having adversity can help to prepare them for October. They are extremely talented and gained valuable experience last season. This could be the year they end the drought.

The Pressure

The Cubs have enormous pressure on them. Their hot start didn’t make things easier. After last year’s surprise trip to the NLCS the Cubs proved they have the talent to be one of the best teams. The problem and the pressure comes from the drought. There is so much pressure on them to end the curse of the Billy Goat. Theo Epstein promised he would put together a team capable of winning a World Series. He has done a tremendous job. He has made the right trades and drafted the right players. He hired a great manager that had experience in getting a team to the World Series. It is now on the players to deliver.

More pressure was added to the Cubs when their entire infield was selected for the all star game. They are only the second group of infielders from the same team to all be selected to start an all star game. The first ever was the St. Louis Cardinals in 1963. The Cubs have proven to be one of the best teams in baseball this year. Once the playoffs start they will be expected to win it all. If they can deal with the pressure the Cubs could be in for one of the greatest parties the earth has ever seen.

The Party

I am sure by now you have seen the parade and celebration from the Cavaliers who won the first championship for the city of Cleveland in over 50 years. It looked amazing for the fans of Cleveland. The party was big but, I guarantee it would not hold a candle to the party the city of Chicago is going to throw when the Cubs finally break through and win a World Series.

The party and celebration will be rivaled by none. Imagine a party like the one in the movie Project X. Now imagine the party in the movie Animal House. Now picture those two movies coming together but at the size of the entire city of Chicago. It will be the event of the century. No of the millennium. The city will shut down, hopefully it doesn’t burn down. I will go to the parade. I won’t miss it for the world. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Cubs you could go to the parade and have more than a good time. We know that it is a once in a lifetime event.

(Photo Credit: John Arguello)
(Photo Credit: John Arguello)


If the Cubs do win it all there will be a lot of legacy talk. First the legacy of Joe Madden. Joe Madden would become a darling in Chicago. He would cement his legacy as one of the greatest managers ever for leading the Cubs to a title. He would have a great chance of staying as the manager as long as he wanted. He could retire when he wanted. He would never have to manager another team. They would build a statue outside of Wrigley.

The players would become rockstars. They would get to eat for free for the rest of their lives in the city. Everywhere they go they would be remembered as the team that ended the drought. The team that ended the curse. The team to end the pain. The suffering. They would no longer be the lovable losers. They wouldn’t be losers. They would finally be winners.

The biggest legacy that needs to be talked about is Theo Epstein’s. No person has more to benefit from the Cubs winning the World Series than Epstein. He will go down as one of baseballs greatest minds. His resume would stack up with the best of any in baseball history. He orchestrated the end of the 86 year Red Sox drought. That already is a major accomplishment. Already enough to whisper about the Hall of Fame. If he were to add the end of the Cubs drought to his resume the legacy speaks for itself. He could retire and ride off into the sunset as the greatest team builder ever.


Picture the Cubs winning. They could become dominant. Would this be the start of a dynasty? It very well could be. The core of the Cubs is extremely young.  The team has an average age of 28.8 but if you take away David Ross and a few of the other older players the age drops significantly. Winning the World Series would take away all the pressure. The players wouldn’t be stuck with the drought. Taking off that much pressure could allow the players to play more freely and naturally. IF the Cubs win one, they could win multiple and a dynasty is very possible. Before they worry about the possibility of a dynasty though, they need the one to end the curse and the drought.

As a Cubs fan since birth there is nothing more I want from sports than to see the Cubs win the World Series. It is a big IF, but IF they do win the World Series, Chicago will show the world the biggest party of all time.


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