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Top Trade Moves to Look out for on 2020 NFL Draft Night

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An exciting part of any upcoming NFL season is the draft, when the best young talents in college football make their way into the pro game with the teams who did worst the previous season getting first pick of the best players to help them improve. Anyone who enjoys football enjoys the draft – you can make it even more fun by betting on which players will go where at the SugarHouse sports betting PA site.

This 2020 draft is almost upon us and is due to begin on April 23rd 2020. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the draft will be held virtually this year for the first time ever! As the Cincinnati Bengals had the poorest record in the NFL last year, they hold the number 1 pick. The order teams pick in makes up a crucial part of any draft as picking earlier gives teams access to better quality players. But what do you do if you are desperate for a certain player but are low down in the draft pecking order? The answer is to trade up.

In simple terms, NFL teams can go up or down the draft order by exchanging picks with other sides. Many times this will be moving up the draft order, which sees the team in question having to trade multiple lesser picks to the side they plan to trade places with.

But which are most exciting potential trades we could see on the first night of the 2020 NFL draft?

Dolphins could be in for Burrow or Herbert  

Everyone knows that most of the excitement when it comes to the draft revolves around the top young quarterback talent. The Dolphins are a side that really need a high-caliber signal caller to perform better in the 2020/21 season. While Joe Burrow is arguably the best in this year’s draft, it is hard to see the Bengals willing to trade down as they need him badly. The Redskins, on the other hand, may be willing to trade down from 2nd in order to help the Dolphins move up from 5th pick. This will mean they are able to grab another very well-regarded college quarterback in Justin Herbert.

Chargers also looking to trade up

The LA Chargers did not have a great season last year either and this leaves them currently at number 6 in the first-round draft. While this is not a bad position to be in, many feel that they need to trade up to bag the new quarterback they so desperately need. With Burrow likely to be already gone and given the Dolphins have plenty more picks to exchange, it might see the Chargers cut a deal with the Lions instead. This would see them jump up to 3rd pick in the first round to be in line to bag hot young talent Tua Tagovailoa in that fabled quarterback spot.

Las Vegas Raiders could move for Chase Young

Although quarterbacks like Burrow and Herbert will be in great demand early in the first-round draft, many NFL experts believe that Ohio State defensive end Chase Young is the best player in this class. This could see the Las Vegas Raiders attempt to trade up from 12th in a bid to snag him. He would certainly help them improve their defense in 2020/21 and could finally be the ideal replacement for Khalil Mack, who was traded to the Bears two years ago. It is likely that they could look to trade up to 4th by offering the New York Giants a number of their lesser picks. There are lots of teams keeping an eye out for Young though so it might be a tough trade for them to make.

Eagles trading up for Jerry Jeudy?

The Philadelphia Eagles currently sit at pick 21 in the draft which is not the best spot for bagging the best available player at a position like wide receiver, which they so desperately need. Therefore, many think that they will be eager to trade up in order to secure Jerry Jeudy. Don’t be surprised to see them cut a trade deal with someone like the Panthers or Cardinals so they don’t miss out on Jeudy. With eight draft picks to tempt other teams with, they have enough ammo to get it done.

First-round draft night will be full of thrills

There is no doubt that the virtual NFL draft will certainly be different. It will still be full of all the usual fun and trade deals though. With some teams needing to move up the order to bag the players they need in 2020/21, I expect there will be lots of frantic phone calls between NFL sides, especially in the first round.

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