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The Game Haus Play Of The Week – 5/2/16

With so much going on in the sports world, it’s a wonderful time to be a sports fan. Whether you’re watching the NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, NFL draft, or your favorite team in the MLB continuing into its fifth week for the 2016 season, it’s difficult to have one focal point. It’s okay though because The Game Haus is here for that exact reason. We have it all covered.

Even though the streamline sports are in full bloom, it does not mean that there is not anything else going on. After all, just to name a few, there is still college and minor league baseball, lacrosse, roller derby, various eSports championships, and ultimate frisbee. Can anyone think of a team, player, or even a match-up regarding these sports now? If you are unable to do so, is it because you do not see articles on them or these sports do not peak any interest with you? Well, let The Game Haus know!
The sport for this week’s play of the week, I personally find exciting. In fact, I wish I was able to have access to it on a professional level versus a mere hobby. I am talking Ultimate Frisbee here! That’s right, Ultimate Frisbee. Did you know that there are professional leagues out there not only competing for the best record, but for a spot in a regional championship resulting in a well deserved victory? It’s true!
This week’s play of the week centers around the Jacksonville Cannons and the Dallas Roughnecks match-up. With the Roughnecks up 10 to 4, they knew that they had to extend their lead. It only took a long throw with a diving catch to Cassidy Rasmussen to do just that increasing their score 11 to 4.
If you missed this diving catch, catch it here:

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