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The Game Haus Play Of The Week – 4/25/16

I knew there was a reason of why I loved the month of April. That is opening day of all our favorite baseball teams. Or for you football fans, another month closer to kickoff. Either way you look at it, the NBA and NHL Playoffs are also still going on. So thank goodness for April. Woo April!!!

In the MLB, multiple teams are starting strong. Perhaps, playoff contention strong. Too soon? The start of the season typically showcases a few stand out athletes that we as fans will continue to watch through October. Not only do we root for them, but also to simply have an unbelievable season. Sometimes these athletes might not be lucky enough to be on a team that will play till October, so the first few months of the season is a great time to focus on skill builder and athletic performance. Winning games is just the icing on the cake. So expect diving catches, sweet double plays, and acrobatic tricks to prevent the other team from scoring.
This week’s Game Haus Play of the Week features a bit of that. Let’s take a look at third baseman, Adam Rosales who makes a diving catch on a line drive fair ball to quickly stand up and launch it to first baseman, Wil Myers for a quick out. Adam definitely went above and beyond to capture this crucial out. Fortunately, his efforts did not go unnoticed, however the Padres did end up losing 11-1 against the Pirates. Rosales and the Padres will get them next time.
Just in case you missed Adam Rosales diving catch, here it is:
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Thank you to Wilson Ball Gloves for picking this week’s play of the week.

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