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The Game Haus Play Of The Week – 4/18/16

For every talented and passionate athlete who works continuously to improve their skills hope to not only participate in their sports’ championship, but to win just said championship. With that being said, an athlete’s ability can be effective by various distractions either increasing or decreasing their ability. In addition, to other athletes performances that can also have an influence on their mental ability to perform well. A lot can go on in an athletes’ mind when the focus is on them.
Golf has that type of pressure on an athletes’ mindset. As an independent sport with a vast amount of tournaments that although valuable, lack in importance, compared to The Masters. At least in my opinion. After all, not only is it one of four major championships in professional golf, but it is an elite event held at the same location at Augusta National Golf Club in which a selected few of golfers are able to showcase their skills in hopes of achieving the famous green jacket. A yearly tradition, in which the jacket is returned for safe keeping after a new winner has been deemed. Unless of course, the same professional golfer wins back to back years, then he keeps the same jacket for another year.
Now lets introduce the play of the week, which goes to the 16th hole of The Masters. Yes, you read that correctly, the 16th hole. For you see, during the 2016 Masters, Louis Oosthuizen made a hole-in-one off J.B. Holmes’ golf ball followed by Shane Lowry who first approached the hole with three bogeys and a triple under his belt when his aim landed his ball into the hole also producing a hole-in-one. It was two rounds later, where another hole-in-one on the same hole by Davis Love III took place. Together, these athletes recorded three aces on a single hole in the same round for the 1st time EVER in The Masters history resulting in the 15th, 16th, and 17th hole-in-one of all time. Talk about a suspense builder.
If you happened to miss the action on the 16th hole, here is Louis Oosthuizen, Shane Lowry, and Davis Love III’s hole-in-ones:
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Congrats to Hole 16 at Augusta for making this week’s play of the week possible and for the numerous people that kept bringing it to my attention, so it was foolish of me not to mention it. Plus, The Game Haus could use a little golf.

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