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The Game Haus Play Of The Week – 3/7/16

UFC match-ups are highly anticipated events due to the male and female athletes that perform this sport. With the addition to all of the marketing that is tied into that specific event resulting from the publicity, corporate sponsorships, and classic feuds; it just adds fuel to the existent fire that a significant, rememberable event is about to take place. The hype of these events increase over time, especially after a previous title fight was left with a major upset or when a specific athlete demands a match-up with a potential contender to create more excitement within the event.
Nevertheless, we feed off of this events. Sure, we have our favorite. Sure, we want to see a knockout, but we also want to see a fight worth watching. UFC match-ups are completely unpredictable and that is simply a characteristic that we as fans absolutely love and cannot live without. UFC 196 was going to be just that. With Holly Holm (10-1), the current UFC Champion who defeated Ronda Rousey just four months ago in an upset that no one saw coming against Miesha Tate, whom was 18-5 and on the verge of retirement was predicted to lose against Holm in the 135-pound title fight in the co-main event of UFC 196 that took place inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday night.
The fight was a great match, especially leading up to the fifth and final round. Until the unexpected happened, Holly Holm was submitted with a rear-naked choke hold at 3:30 that she desperately tried to get out of. This was truly a fight worth remembering. You have to see it, in order to believe it. All I can gather from the match-up, is just a surprising wow. Looks like Miesha Tate will have to put off retirement a little longer or at least until she fights Ronda Rousey.

If you happened to miss this rear-naked choke that gave Miesha Tate the win, you can watch it here:

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