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The Game Haus Play Of The Week – 3/14/16

If you ask me, it’s been a stressful week in sports this week. As free agency in the NFL kicks off, March Madness starts finalizing the teams in the NCAAB for the tournament, spring training continues in the MLB, and the NASCAR race heating up at the Phoenix international Raceway only leads to the start of what else is to come. Not to mention, the constant updates on your mobile device of every single surprising, yet informative news story of what is going on in the world of sports, which just wants me to take a moment and have a refreshing glass of cherry Coke. I refuse to turn such notifications off during this timely sensitive period of sports news.
Athletes in their specific sports are meant to impress the fans with their ability to perform their sport well and if they have the opportunity to entertain us, then we are all still watching eagerly waiting for more. If you can throw some team rivalry in the mix, then we’re back on the edges of our seats. With that being said, I bring to you a stress-free moment in sports this week so that you can sit back and think to yourself, how did I miss this play of the week? Well don’t worry, The Game Haus is here for you.
As you know, spring training continued this week to prep for opening day in April. Before the first pitch was thrown in the Philadelphia Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays game, Jose Bautista decided to do something that he has done before, that is if you were watching closely to notice it the first time. This right fielder for the Blue Jays decided to get into an epic battle with the Phillie Phanatic whom is the mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies. These two battled back and forth until Bautista bowed down in defeat against his competitor.
If you missed this competition of strength, here it is:
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Congrats to Jose Bautista and Phillie Phanatic for this incredible moment.

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