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The Game Haus Play Of The Week – 2/29/16

College match-ups are more than just games. They involve passion, drive, talent, and team comrade. These college athletes’ enthusiasm achieves more than just points on the scoreboard or a statistic in their teams’ record. Being a fan of a college sport becomes a lifestyle with the history becoming a part of your own blood.
As a fan watching your favorite college basketball team play ball, there is nothing as exciting as your favorite player sinking three point shots. Especially when your team is involved in a back to back battle trying to secure the lead and establish a deficit for the opposing team. It’s true that every shot counts, but it does not mean that these shots are less deserving of the previous shot. Unless of course, a shot was so remarkable that not only does it get noticed, but is talked about well after the game is played.
This week’s Play of the Week does just that. During the Vanderbilt Commodores versus the Florida Gators basketball game within the first half, senior center Josh Henderson who stands at 7 feet tall whom has attempted only two 3 point shots within his career decided to impress his fans by sinking a 80 foot buzzer beater from the opposite foul line. Yes, you read that correctly. The OPPOSITE FOUL LINE!  Typically, when an athlete makes a shot from outside the 3 point line, he/she would either jump, step forward, step backward, or a possibly combination of the above. However, in this case Josh Henderson did not do that. Instead, he just turned and threw the ball toward the basket achieving the shot. Needless to say, this shot was truly remarkable and is a must see.

If you happened to miss this 80-foot buzzer, you can watch it here:

If you would like to talk more about this amazing shot, come meet me and others in the forum.

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Congrats to Keith Schoenfeld for picking this week’s play of the week.


Information Courtesy of USA Today and ESPN

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