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The Emergence of Casinos as Popular Sponsors of Football

Football is one of the most entertaining sports in the world with a fan base that spans millions across continents. With the advent of online streaming, football matches have become accessible and affordable to viewers. Football is more than mere entertainment, though. The sport has grown into a multibillion industry with numerous potential for various businesses. Marketing through football is especially a popular option for branding in many sectors. Gambling is one area that is capitalizing on the sponsorship opportunities available in the world of football.

The Popularity of Gambling Sponsorship

In the past, the marketing of gambling products through football and other sports was frowned upon. The principal argument was that the advertising of gambling offerings would fuel harmful habits. Now you have online casino names plastered across football stadium banners and player’s kits. About ten of the English Premier League clubs and 17 out of 24 championship clubs have deals with gambling outfits for the 2019/2020 season. Australia also has different televised football leagues with sponsorship from online casinos, bookmakers and game software developers. In the UK, the 2005 Gambling Act allowed advertising by gambling companies registered in the UK and offshore. Other regions have also become more tolerant of gambling operations, although some restrictions might still apply. The point is that there is no better time for online casinos to partner with football clubs, and they are taking advantage of it. You can read more here about the increasing sponsorship agreements between casinos and football.

What’s in It for Football Clubs?

Although online casinos and other football brands are not as lucrative as other sponsorships, football clubs enjoy decent deals. A gambling outfit can pay several million for advertising time with a first-class football club. The popularity of football makes the game a profitable venture. Football clubs have many revenue streams. However, the needs are just as many. The sport has some of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Besides paying players, football clubs have youth teams, social responsibilities and other duties that require sizeable investments. Sponsorships with casinos are a way for a club to supplement their revenues.

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Football clubs have to invest a lot of resources into their facilities, training and players to enhance their standards or maintain them if they are already high. Sponsorships give football teams financial freedom to operate as they fit. Even with the best talent on the team, a club would be useless if it can’t find ways to nurture it. Being able to afford top-tier stadia, training facilities and gear gives a football club an advantage. Looking at the leading clubs in different leagues, it’s clear that wealth influences the success of a club. The competition among football clubs gets more intensive when they have resources. As the calibre of players gets better and the training improves, fans get the best from all sides.

It, however, takes the right deal for a football team to benefit from a gambling sponsorship, as with any other deal. A profitable sponsorship deal is not just about getting more coins in the club’s coffers. The reputation of the sponsor and the terms of the contract are critical as well.

How Do Casinos Benefit from Sponsorships?

This number has been growing in the past few years and will keep doing at a dramatic rate. Online casinos brought gambling closer to the consumer. Gamblers can play their favourite casino games and beet on an array of sports market from just about any device. This evolution of casino has made gambling more acceptable and even legal in some regions. As these online gambling platforms spike in numbers, companies look to improve their market share.

Brand awareness is how you get more people to notice your product. Teaming up with football clubs allow online casinos to create awareness among their target audiences. Shirt sponsorship is the most prominent for gambling outfits. With this type of marketing, a football club agrees to have its jerseys emblazoned with the logo of the sponsor. Another kind of advertising is where a gambling company has its name, tagline and colours included on the banners around a stadium.

Both options boost the visibility of a brand, pushing web traffic to those specific sites. For instance, a football fan can see ‘Betway’ one the jersey of a West Ham United player and want to know more about it. Imagine the number of eyeballs that a casino gets when sponsoring a team in the premier league. Each televised game rakes in millions of viewers across the globe. Even having a brand name appear for a few seconds on the screen is marketing success. The more exposure that an online casino receives, the higher the chances of converting leads and increasing sales.

Sponsorships with football club give gambling companies a degree of legitimacy. The proliferation of online casinos brings its fair share of disreputable websites. Finding a decent casino to play your favourite games can be challenging with all the alternatives out there. However, seeing the name of a particular casino on a nationally or globally televised match gives it credibility. Many gambling companies build on the opportunity to align themselves with a recognized football team. In a sector where it takes a lot to convince customers, trust goes a long way.

Advertising options for casinos and betting companies are limited due to the tough regulatory measure in many countries. For instance, in some countries, gambling brands cannot run advertisements between football matches because viewers include children. Sponsorship remains one of the alternatives available to online gambling platforms. Both the casino and football club that it sponsors reap from the partnership and that interdependency is what keeps these deals going.

Online casinos are steadily growing as some of the biggest sponsors in football. Several gambling companies have deals with football clubs across the world. As this type of partnership becomes more commonplace, authorities in some regions are expressing concerns about the effect of advertising gambling products. Gambling brands are countering using positive messages in their advertising. It’s a never-ending debate. As it rages on, online casinos continue to benefit from the exposure that football affords them.

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