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Super Smash Bros Melee Confirmed on Nintendo Switch’s Virtual Console

It’s been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will have a virtual GameCube console with Super Smash Bros Melee being one of the games in development, according to Eurogamer. The Switch will provide a new way to play Melee and could change the landscape of the entire Smash Bros scene.

I don’t usually write about general specific video game news, but this is a piece I’ve wanted to write for the last five years. Melee HD has been confirmed, which will most likely extend the life cycle of the original game. Let’s put this into context for non-Smash fans; this has been a distant dream for Melee players and now in the blink of the eye the dream is becoming reality. A world where CRT’s (the old clunky television sets) aren’t necessary anymore. It’s reportedly real and I can’t be more excited for it. The only facts we know now is that it works on the Switch already. More details will be revealed about the game as the launch for the Switch approaches.

Photo via Nintendo Switch's Wikipedia

Photo via Nintendo Switch’s Wikipedia

On top of a playable version of Melee, Eurogamer confirms that Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion are also being developed by the same creators of the mini-NES. It will be the first time GameCube games are accessible via a Nintendo virtual console.

The Switch is designed to be a versatile piece of hardware. Capable of hitting the road or staying home and playing inside. It’s multi-function use as a hybrid between a handheld and a console makes the product unique in a busy marketplace. It’s a new approach to the console genre and will be the test subject to see if this type of product is viable.

The prospects of playing Melee on an airplane absolutely blows my mind. It will function similarly to how the Wii U’s game pad works as a movable television set, but with much more functionality. It doesn’t require the console to be present to play the games. The console has no boundaries which could be good for Melee players.

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