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Ravens searching for backup QBs

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have been searching for new, young quarterbacks to back up Joe Flacco. Not only they’ve picked up Michael Crabtree as a solid target, they’ve also signed Robert Griffin III to a one-year contract as an experienced backup quarterback for Flacco.

At first, Griffin was the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins from 2012-2014. There, he had a combined total of 8,097 yards and 40 touchdowns.

Baltimore Ravens
Robert Griffin Running (AP photo (Aaron Josey)

The Redskins later cut him loose, and then he was picked up by the Cleveland Browns in 2016.

Griffin started for five games and later suffered a major shoulder injury. The future for him wasn’t looking too bright. Ever since then, Griffin has been on the free agent market, looking for another team to play on. With limited cap space, the Baltimore Ravens wanted to give him a shot. They brought Griffin to a tryout to throw to receivers that were also free agents. The Ravens were impressed, and they decided to make a deal with the veteran quarterback. Griffin has a strong arm and is able to run and make defenders miss.

But that doesn’t make him officially apart of the regular-season roster yet. The Ravens still desire a young blooded quarterback. Most of these quarterbacks that are in the draft would probably become starters by the end of their rookie deals. If the Ravens pick up a quarterback in the second or third round, they might choose to cut Griffin loose after preseason and give the backup job to the rookie. But there’s no guarantee if the Ravens would get a young quarterback.

Main Target in the draft: Lamar Jackson

The Ravens have had a close eye on the young quarterback, Lamar Jackson. They’ve brought him up to Baltimore for a visit, and they were highly interested in him. Jackson is a young, skillful quarterback who is the only football player in the FBS to rush for 1500 yards and pass for 3,500 yards two seasons in a row.There’s no guarantee if the Ravens will pick him in the first round of the NFL draft. He was a starting quarterback for the University of Louisville in 2016 and 2017. He’s a fast, athletic quarterback that can scramble out of the pocket and pick up yards, and he can launch it in the air for his receivers to make plays as well.

Baltimore Ravens
Lamar Jackson Louisville (USA today sports)

The main concern about Jackson is his accuracy in his throws. During his college career, he completed only 57 percent of his passes. If he performs like this in the league, then he wouldn’t be the right pick for a quarterback. But he’s still young and he will be able to grow more and gain experience.

What About Manziel?

Johnny Manziel performed on Saturday’s spring league football game to give NFL scouts a good look. If they like him, then they’ll consider picking him up as a quarterback. Manziel could be a good fit for the Ravens. He still has the quick feet to scramble, and he has the arm. It all depends if he will change his behavior off the field.

Johnny Maiziel
Johnny Manziel warming up for the spring game (Bleacher Report)

If he proves that he will be dedicated and changed his bad behavior, then he might have a shot at playing. Manziel has one more spring game in order to prove scouts that he’s ready to get back into the league. If Manziel doesn’t go the NFL, then there might be a chance he would play in the Canadian Football League.

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