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Perks of Skiing

Winter is the perfect period for you to participate in activities and exercises that benefit you. You can take it as a moment to learn a new skill, sharpen on the already acquired ones, or do exercise. Over the years, some people choose to spend time outdoors skiing and snowboarding. This can be a perfect way to make use of the winter and lose the extra post-holiday pounds. 

Why should you opt to participate in biathlon or winter sport instead of hibernating at home? Below are some of the benefits.

You will be burning calories

Skiing is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can ever take part in during the winter. You can use it as a way of burning those extra calories and lose weight. People often ask, how many calories will you burn when you ski? Basically, the rate at which calories will be burned every hour is dictated by weight and proficiency. According to studies, if you averagely weigh 11 stone, you can burn up to 225 calories when you actively participate in downward skiing for thirty minutes. This is an outstanding amount; imagine how many calories you would burn when you ski for a couple of hours every day for a week. 

If you are a beginner in skiing, you might be at an advantage compared to those who have been skiing for quite a long time. Instead of boarding the ski lift, you can decide to walk your way up the slope. 

Another thing worth noting is that you burn more calories when skiing on a steeper slope. This is because you will have to put in more effort to keep balance as you move downhill. The cold weather will aid you too; the body metabolism will be increased further to provide the energy and raise the body temperature due to the cold. 

You will be building on and strengthening the lower body muscles

Skiing is like taking your gym workout outdoors on the slopes of the beautiful scenery. When skiing, the heavily utilized muscles are those located on the lower part of your body. This includes the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. 

The main muscles utilized while skiing are the core abdominal muscles (that you use to gain stability) and the gluteus maximus muscles (that support the movement of the legs). Your body will experience the high intensity and a constant squatting position as you move downhill, activating these and other muscles at different times. 

You might not notice your muscles mainly burning due to the distractions by the beautiful scenery surrounding you. However, even if you don’t, you will feel the results the following day. 

Skiing strengthens the joints and bones

As you ski, your knees will have to endure the tension exerted to them by the bodyweight as you are turning and moving downhill. This is a good way for you to exercise and strengthen them. 

Your bones will also benefit from the weight-bearing impact by becoming stronger too.

It is good for your mental health

In addition to the numerous health and physical benefits, skiing is also good for your mental well-being. First of all, there aren’t many sports that will offer you an intuitive thrilling feel like skiing. There is just something about the bracing air on your face and the snow rush feeling you experience as you race downhill on a slope. In fact, you will be heightening the levels of “feel good” hormones such as adrenaline and endorphins. 

People who suffer from mental health disorders and depression can make the most out of skiing and improve their health. Being outdoors will allow them to disconnect from the stressors they come across every day and focus more on the awe that comes with natural beauty. 

In addition to vitamin D, spending a lot of time outwards during the day is a good way of counteracting depression and other mood disorders. They will also be interacting with nature, reducing negative self-talk, and combating anxiety. 

Below are additional mental benefits of skiing

  1. It provides you with a sense of simplicity and freedom
  2. It is an excellent way to pause your life for a while and enjoy
  3. You can socialize with other people and make new friends
  4. Boost your moods


Skiing is a combination of working hard and having fun simultaneously. It is also a great way to enjoy your holiday, keep fit, maintain shape, and stay healthy. If you haven’t yet, you do not know what you are missing out on!

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