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NFL: Is There Any Hope for 0-3 Teams?

Through three weeks of football, there are three teams that are now 0-3. Teams that are winless through the first three weeks of have less than a five percent chance of making the playoffs. But with these 0-3 teams, and the low possibility of being apart of the playoffs, can any of these teams pull it off? Almost every team in the NFL now is a force to be reckoned with in their own way. And they have their own tricks and silent, or not so silent, threats.

Houston Texans

0-3 teams
Deshaun Watons (Photo by

The return of Deshawn Watson was highly anticipated for Texans fans. In the seven games Watson played last year, he threw for 19 touchdowns and just about 1,700 yards. In three games this season he has only thrown five touchdowns and three interceptions. The defense has not been stellar but has not fallen down on the job either. Each game the Texans have played has been a close one, both sides of this team need to step it up. If they bring the power they had last year this team could be unstoppable. A playoff run is easily possible.

Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr got a huge deal in 2016 after leading the Raiders to the playoffs and a 12-4 season. Now, after three games of disappointment, it is time for them to step it up. The Raiders might be 0-3 but they have shown huge potential. They have led every game at the half, but have found some way of giving it up in the end every time. Their skill set is high, Carr just has not found a way to keep it consistent yet. The addition of Jordy Nelson is a huge threat and if Carr can find a way to maneuver away from pressure and ultimately slow down the interceptions, you will see the Raiders in the playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals

Cardinal fans weren’t so happy when their quarterback, Carson Palmer, decided to retire. So this offseason they traded for Sam Bradford and drafted Josh Rosen. But this season hasn’t been anything that the Cardinals themselves have hoped for. They have a solid receiving core yet they remain winless. Last week, Arizona even made the decision to pull Bradford and play the rookie Rosen. Bradford has had major struggles and even with major help from the defense, it doesn’t seem that this Arizona team will get it together anytime soon. This team might step it up and get some wins, but it didn’t seem like a playoff run will be possible this season.

Why is 0-3 so different from 1-2?

No matter how easy or hard the upcoming schedule is, being winless can be tremendously upsetting and might just put any team off their game. Being multiple games behind in a division is nerve racking, even in the beginning of the season. Only six teams from each side make the playoffs. The pressure is on from game one. There is not much difference between 0-3 and 1-2, only one win to be exact. But a win can strengthen a team and get them going. Teams need rhythm.

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